Halo Pro League Europe Information

April 25, 2016 ESportsSource

ESL has announced the qualification format for the European HCS Pro League for 2016’s Summer season.  It all begins on May 8th with a Summer Qualifier.  Eight teams will be invited to attend the tournament [more]


PAX East Halo Invitational Schedule

April 23, 2016 ESportsSource

One of the world’s largest gaming conventions is playing host to a Halo Championship Series qualifier this year: the Halo Invitational.  Four teams will play in this double elimination tournament, and the winner will qualify [more]


Halo Rostermania Watch

March 23, 2016 Kim Key

Players barely had time to leave the 2016 Halo World Championship venue before the familiar frenzy began: Rostermania.  Teams are already breaking up, players are making deals, and rumors are flying fast over on the Team Beyond forums. [more]

Call of Duty

What To Watch This Weekend: Halo, CoD, Final Round, SXSW

March 19, 2016 Kim Key

It’s the weekend, and while you grind for that double XP on SMITE’s birthday weekend, shake the pollen from your clothing, and close all the blinds to block out the warm and friendly rays of the sun, be sure to keep some tabs open on your desktop for all the eSports action. [more]