Halo World Championship 2016 Final Placings

When Tony “Lethul” Campbell Jr. left North American powerhouse Evil Geniuses for Counter Logic Gaming, the move created a domino effect among the top NA Halo teams, as players bounced from team to team.  When CLG new team lost Evil Geniuses at the X Games in Aspen, some fans questioned Lethul’s chaos-making decision.

Today those questions have been answered.

Counter Logic Gaming thoroughly dominated Team Allegiance, winning every map but the final CTF by a sizable margin.  The team takes home $1,000,000 for their efforts, as well as the trophy and championship rings.

Courtesy Counter Logic Gaming
Courtesy Counter Logic Gaming

Veteran Halo player Naded took home the fan voted MVP award, and while the honor and share of $500,000 for Team Allegiance is admirable, his team crumbled against Counter Logic Gaming.   Team Allegiance rarely looked in control during the match, and even CLG seemed astonished by the ease of their victory.  One CLG player served up some choice words for Team Allegiance’s performance during a particularly explosive listen-in, to the dismay of some fans:

Any way you want to say it, the numbers don’t lie – CLG completely outclassed their opponents, and they are getting a lot of love from fans and former players.

For now, Lethul has the final word:

Final Placements


Counter Logic Gaming (NA)/$1,000,000


Team Allegiance (NA)/$500,000


Team eLevate (NA)/$250,000

Denial eSports (NA)/$250,000


Epsilon eSports (EU)/$75,000

Renegades (NA)/$75,000

Evil Geniuses (NA)/$75,000

Team Liquid (NA)/$75,000


exceL eSports (EU)/$25,000

Chosen Squad (LAT AM)/$25,000

Team Infused (EU)/$25,000

Exile5 (ANZ)/$25,000

Team Immunity (ANZ)/$25,000

FABeSports (EU)/$25,000

Cloud9 (NA)/$25,000

Team Skyfire (Asia)/$25,000


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