Early Pro Player Reactions to Infinite Warfare Beta

Call of Duty publisher Activision rolled out a public beta event this weekend on the Playstation 4 platform for people who pre-ordered copies of the newest title, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  Several beta codes were given for each pre-ordered copy in an effort to draw in many players who were hesitant to play the newest Call of Duty iteration after a slew of negative public reaction online following its announcement.

Nonetheless, gamers are gamers, and if there is a chance for a new game to be good, they’re going to give it a try.  The enthusiasm for the beta seemed to catch the servers off guard at launch, and players were not able to get into the beta at its schedule start time.

From what we have seen of the beta thus far, the gameplay looks like it will favor aggressive, fast moving players.  The graphics feature very bright colors, gleaming walls, smooth shapes, and the futuristic landscapes that were promised in the trailer for the game.

Some early public reactions to the game seem to be trending toward negative after one night of playing:

On the other hand, we also compiled a selection of tweets from pro players who will be grinding this game in the months ahead- and the reviews are more optimistic (warning-language):

As for the folks hoping for a “boots on the ground” Call of Duty title? This may not be the game for you.  Flying and double jumping still rules the CoD scene.  Take heart: the Modern Warfare Remastered edition that will come with the full game should satisfy casual and GB players who wish to play a slower, more methodical competitive CoD game.

This weekend’s beta was just for PS4 players.  XBox One players will get to try out the game next weekend (October 21-23).

Are you playing the beta? Let us know your thoughts on the game below, or feel free to discuss in our forums!