We take our practices seriously at ES, and we want to bring you content that is both entertaining and obtained via ethical means.  If you have concerns about something you see on this website, do not hesitate to contact the site owner.

Review copies / Promo materials Disclosure

If a reviewer receives review copies or promo materials for a game reviewed on this site, the reviewer must disclose this information in content of the review, or at bottom of the review page.

Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and Embargoes

We will typically accept NDA terms and embargo dates. If the terms limit our ability to provide objective coverage for our readers, we will discuss other acceptance options.

Events and Tournament Coverage

If any writer or staff member receives travel compensation or accommodation from a source outside of ES to travel to an event to provide coverage for this site, a mention of those expenses will be included in their report.


Volunteer writers and site contributors are encouraged to start their own crowdfunding campaigns for any personal projects related to Esports Source, but they must let the ES administrative team know in writing before the campaign begins. Writers must also disclose any work they have done related to a crowdfunding campaign they are covering for the site.


ES will allow any interested party to support the site. Supporting the site through donations does not guarantee coverage, and we will not accept review copies of games from developers who donate to the site. We will purchase our own copy of the game to review.


Currently, ES is allowing limited advertisements on esportssource.org.

Non-profit advertisers are encouraged to apply to place free banners on our site to promote charitable works.


ES accepts sponsored posts and events.  Sponsored posts are clearly marked with a “Sponsored” message at the top of the article.


No member of the ES staff (including part-time volunteers) will accept any personal gifts from sponsors, developers, organizations, or any group receiving coverage that exceed $60 USD in value while working for the site or in exchange for coverage on this site and its vertical entities.

Journalistic Ethics

Esports Source follows the SPJ Code of Ethics.  You can read up on ethical policies here.

Comment Requests

We have timeliness and our readers in mind, so if we request a comment for a story, the party typically has no more than 24 hours to respond before we run the story with a note about a request for comment.  An updated version with comment can be published at a later time.

Behavioral Ethics

ES writers, volunteer staff, and administration are welcome to express their personal views and opinions via their social media accounts, or in the editorial content they produce for the site and its related channels.

The views expressed by the staff on social media or in editorial content on the site belong exclusively to the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the ES administration and staff. A volunteer writer or staff can be dismissed from service at the discretion of the administration at any time and for any reason given.