Videos of the Week: Turned On, Naded, and Voiced

Here at ESS Originals, we like to create our own content, but we love watching others make videos, podcasts, streams, and just about any other form of media to celebrate eSports.

Each week, we highlight some of the best videos we’ve seen, and we encourage you to post your favorites in the comments as well.


So what do you do when you get killed by one of the best players in the game, who is on one of the most popular teams in Competitive Call of Duty,in front of thousands of viewers, all while losing out on a $10,000 payday?

If you’re Rise Nation player Slacked, you make a tremendous reaction video that includes incredible flail-arm running.  The play/video he’s referencing is here, and yes- it was a great play by OpTic Gaming’s Scumpii, and it was made better by Slacked’s genuine reaction from his pov during the match.  He later made a video showing he can laugh at himself, and his production skills aren’t too shabby either.



eSports are often marketed to a younger demographic, and the “veterans” of most eSport titles hover around the ripe old age of 24 or 25.  Halo is in the old folk’s home of first person shooters.  The first title came out in 2001, when the idea of playing games with millions of dollars on the line and sponsors beating down the doors seemed well beyond far fetched.  Halo‘s players have been playing the game for quite some time and they’ve seen the rise of the series, the fall of Halo as new shooters appeared, and a few managed to stick around for what’s looking like a renewed interest in the title from corporations and viewers alike.

One of those players is Brett “Naded” Leonard, who has been playing Halo for a decade.  He will be competing with Team Allegiance this weekend for a share of the $2.5 million prize pool at the Halo World Championships.

A video from Halo emphasizes what the surge in interest in the game means to him.  The piece is very good, along with the Halo channels other HWC preview pieces.  Have a look:


SMITE has a lot of features that set it apart from older MOBAs- one thing being the startlingly funny voice packs for each god.  This week the crew at Hi-Rez Studios released a behind the scenes look at what it takes to mine comedic gold in front of the mic:


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