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compLexity Obtains P1 Visa for Goonjar

May 24, 2016 ESportsSource

With the recent boon for eSports legitimacy being a petition to the US Government to extend P-1 athletic visas to eSports players, one organization worked hard to make sure their foreign player is already certified [more]

Black Ops III

[Call of Duty] ACHES Joins 100 Thieves

May 20, 2016 ESportsSource

Ali vs Frazier.  Arsenal vs Spurs.  Alabama vs Auburn.  Coke vs Pepsi.  Edison vs Tesla. ACHES vs NaDeSHoT (sorry Nade, but since we’re speaking of your competitive days, we’re using your old styling). During the days [more]

Black Ops III

[Call of Duty] Echo Fox Introduces Call of Duty Team

May 12, 2016 ESportsSource

First League of Legends, then a slew of other teams: CS:GO, H1Z1, Street Fighter V, and now- Echo Fox is entering the Call of Duty scene. The team is a non-league squad made up of well known veterans and younger, newer faces, and they will attempt to qualify for Call of Duty Championships in the fall. [more]