How to Get A Job In Esports

May 26, 2018 Kim Key

At MomoCon 2018, several esports industry members spoke at a panel entitled “Careers in Esports” and offered key advice and strategies for people seeking long-term work in this emerging field. Esports Source was at the [more]


MomoCon 2018 Esports Lineup

May 17, 2018 ESportsSource

Big names from the Super Smash Bros. community including MKLeo, Dabuz, Wizzrobe and more will face off over a combined prize pool of more than $15,000 at MomoCon 2018. The fourteenth annual convention will host panels from [more]


Esports Venues in 2017: Blizzard Arena Los Angeles

September 8, 2017 Kim Key

Game publishers are showing more commitments to esports these days, as industry behemoth Blizzard Entertainment unveiled the new Blizzard Arena Los Angeles this week.  The company joins the ranks of other top level studios and tournament organizers that have built their own arenas to accommodate the specific needs of esports players and audiences. [more]


PAX West 2017: The ConBlog

September 3, 2017 Kim Key

EIC Kim makes her way around Seattle for PAX West 2017 to drink deeply of the fount of video game waters. Okay fine, it is a daily blog. Catch up on her adventures! [more]


Allegiance Exits Esports

August 5, 2017 Kim Key

Allegiance disbands and looks for new homes for its players as the financially taxing esports world claims another small organization. [more]