bytes: Disaster Relief And How You Can Help

Esports and the gaming wider gaming community are not immune to the disasters that can inflict all of us in the real world.  A glance at some of the images from the Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico, Dominica, Mexico, south Florida and Houston is a reminder that no amount of entertaining escapism can save anyone when disasters strike.  Families searching among the rubble that was once their home is not a backdrop for a Call of Duty map – it’s a reality in many of these places impacted by natural disasters over the past couple of months.

So what can we do?

As we head into the weekend, I decided to dedicate the usual weekend bytes post to a list of way you can support others who are trying to rebuild in the aftermath of the earthquake and Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

If you know of other local organizations that are helping people and pets displaced by the natural disasters, send the information via our Contact page.

Before giving online, we suggest reading ProPublica‘s tips for donating anywhere.

Puerto Rico

The Caribbean Islands


  • UNICEF Mexico: The United Nations Children’s Fund helps kids affected by natural disasters in many ways, including offering supplies and “child-friendly spaces” where kids can go during the rebuilding process.
  • International Community Foundation: The ICF has a long established record of charity work in Mexico and they’re on the ground in areas affected by the quake in different parts of the country.