Call of Duty

UMG Carolina Day Two RECAP

February 14, 2016 Kim Key

Check out our UMG Carolina photo gallery HERE! Star Wars fans had to wait a decade for a new movie.  A Song of Ice and Fire readers have been waiting five years for another book, and [more]

Call of Duty

Cloud9 Adds a New Call of Duty Team

January 26, 2016 Kim Key

Despite not qualifying for the Call of Duty World League, Cloud9 is continuing to show interest in the Call of Duty eSports scene by acquiring a new team. Today the organization announced its team that [more]

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Call of Duty

Team Liquid to Enter Call of Duty Scene

January 13, 2016 Kim Key

Team Liquid is entering the competitive Call of Duty scene! At least that’s what one of the owners of the organization is saying.  TL would be the latest major esports organization to enter the CoD [more]