Cloud9 Expands Its Call of Duty Division to Two Teams

Today eSports giant Cloud9 introduced a total of six new players to their Call of Duty competitive division.  The players make up two new Call of Duty teams that will be making a run for the Call of Duty World Championship and they will also try to qualify for Season 2 of the Call of Duty World League.

In a video released today, C9’s Accuracy confirmed the removal of K1LLA, Sinful, and Califa from the team due to the team “not clicking well” at UMG South Carolina.  Havok, Llama and Mochila will be the the replacements.  Havok is a talented player who only recently turned 18, Llama was a fine player in Advanced Warfare and has been looking for a top team for some time, and Mochila is a Call of Duty veteran who plays well with Llama.  Mochila was also on the first version of Cloud9’s Call of Duty team.

In addition to these changes, C9 GM Danan Flander announced the organization picked up the team formerly known as E6 Gold.  They did well at UMG South Carolina, making it through the Open Bracket to lose to eventual champions Rise Nation in the first round of the Championship Bracket.

If both teams somehow qualify for the Call of Duty World League, it is unclear how the organization will handle the situation.  It is believed (though not explicitly stated in rules online) that no organization can field two teams in the CWL.  Prior to the formation of the League, organizations like OpTic, FaZe, the now defunct Curse, Noble, and others had multiple teams competing in the MLG league.

The doubling down on their efforts in Call of Duty is a sign that C9 is earnest in their desire to have a CWL team.  Both teams will play in the UMG and ESL qualification events leading up to the Call of Duty Championships.

Cloud9 CoD: Accuracy, Havok, Llama, Mochila

Cloud9 Eclipse: SiLLy, Dedo, Assault, Swarley

Watch the announcement video:


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