[Call of Duty] Cloud9 Drops Two Players

Following a disappointing T17th Open Bracket placing at UMG Carolina, Cloud9 have made a team change.  World Champion Adam “K1LLA” Sloss and Sinful have been released by the squad.

Update: Cloud9 has released a statement about releasing K1LLA and Sinful.   C9’s general manager, Danan Flander makes a couple of points:

  1. K1LLa was approached by a Call of Duty World League team before the UMG event, but wasn’t allowed to leave.  He’ll now be allowed to talk again with the team who approached him.  The roster lock is Thursday.
  2. Sinful was let go due to “changes taking place within [their] CoD division”.  Flander goes on to say details about the changes will be revealed at a later date.

Both players had some choice words about the release:




Chatter online points to personality differences as a reason for the change.  Recently C9 players Accuracy and Califa have been playing with LlamaGod and Havok.

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