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Blizzard Announces New Esports Division

May 9, 2017 Kim Key

Major esports business news, as Blizzard Entertainment announced they created a division just for Overwatch esports, including the Overwatch League and the Overwatch World Cup.  As the company begins to focus on esports, Blizzard is [more]

activision blizzard

[Call of Duty] Europe LANs Announced

January 12, 2017 ESportsSource

Call of Duty is coming to Paris!  And London!  And Birmingham!  And Sheffield! This week Activision announced partnerships with four tournament organizers in Europe, resulting in four big LAN events for an EU scene that [more]

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Blizzcon 2016 Winners Recap

November 6, 2016 ESportsSource

Esports were a major attraction at this year’s Blizzcon, the annual convention put on by Activision/Blizzard to celebrate the many titles under the company’s banner.  World of Warcraft arena matches, StarCraft 2, Overwatch, and Hearthstone [more]