Call of Duty World League Stage 2 Information

The kings of Stage 1 in all regions have been crowned, and now Stage 2 of the Call of Duty World League is set to kick off on April 19th, 2016 with another flurry of matches.

Schedules for all regions

In North America, matches will be played on Tuesday-Thursday this time around, with one show match played on Thursday evenings, following the eSports weekly recap show.

  • Tuesday, April 19:
    2pm PDT/5pm EDT – Team SoloMid vs 100 Thieves
    3:30pm PDT/6:30pm EDT – Cloud9 vs Dream Team
    5pm PDT/8pm EDT – Luminosity vs FaZe Clan
    6:30pm PDT/9:30pm EDT – EnVyUs vs Team eLevate
    8pm PDT/11pm EDT – compLexity vs H2k
    Wednesday, April 20:
    2pm PDT/5pm EDT – Dream Team vs Luminosity
    3:30pm PDT/6:30pm EDT – Team eLevate vs H2k
    5pm PDT/8pm EDT – OpTic Gaming vs EnVyUs
    6:30pm PDT/9:30pm EDT – FaZe Clan vs compLexity
    8pm PDT/11pm EDT – Team SoloMid vs Rise Nation
    Thursday, April 21:
    5pm PDT/8pm EDT – esports Weekly Recap Show
    6pm PDT/9pm EDT – Match of the Week: Rise Nation vs OpTic Gaming
  • Played off-stream:
    100 Thieves vs Cloud9

In Europe, six matches will be played over the Tuesday-Thursday time frame.

  • Tuesday, April 19:
    5pm CEST – Splyce vs Team-LDLC
    6:30pm CEST – Millenium vs Exertus
    8pm CEST – Team Infused vs Giants Gaming
    9:30pm CEST – HyperGames vs TCM-Gaming
  • Wednesday,  April 20:
    5pm CEST – Millenium vs Team-LDLC
    6:30pm CEST – HyperGames vs Exertus
    8pm CEST – Epsilon eSports vs Team Vitality
    9:30pm CEST – Splyce vs Giants Gaming
  • Thursday, April 21:
    8pm CEST – Team Infused vs Team Vitality
    9:30pm CEST – Epsilon eSports vs TCM-Gaming

Australia/New Zealand is the region with the fewest teams, so their matches will only be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

  • Tuesday, April 19:
    6pm AEST – Orbit vs Tainted Minds
    7:30pm AEST – Nv vs eXcellence
    9pm AEST – The Chiefs vs Team Immunity
    10:30pm AEST – Apotheon Esports vs Mindfreak
  • Wednesday,  April 20:
    6pm AEST – Mindfreak vs Nv
    7:30pm AEST – Team Immunity vs Orbit
    9pm AEST – Tainted Minds vs Apotheon Esports
    10:30pm AEST – eXcellence vs The Chiefs

Rostermania is still underway in North America, and league owners Activision did not release a schedule until Monday (April 18th) evening, instead opting to inform fans via Twitter about the start of the League.

Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar, league officials, the development team, and pro players have also been privately discussing changes to the competitive format.  In a tweet to OpTic Gaming’s Crimsix, Vonderhaar revealed the topic of one discussion- another respawn map instead of three Search modes in a Best of Seven series.


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