Blizzcon 2016 Winners Recap

Esports were a major attraction at this year’s Blizzcon, the annual convention put on by Activision/Blizzard to celebrate the many titles under the company’s banner.  World of Warcraft arena matches, StarCraft 2, Overwatch, and Hearthstone all received major places on the convention’s itinerary, and the winners of the tournaments at Blizzcon received major payouts.

There were no North American champions in the above-mentioned esports this time around, a change from years’ past when the continent dominated Blizzard-run tournaments.  Blizzcon typically marks the end-of-season for most of the Blizzard esports titles, and the tournaments there are a culmination of months of hard work in qualifications for the players.

World of Warcraft 3v3 Arena World Championship

1st place ($120,000): Splyce (EU)

2nd place ($50,000): Method (NA)

3rd/4th places ($20,000): Northern Gaming Blue, Tempo Storm

StarCraft II WCS Global Finals

1st place ($200,000): ByuN

2nd place ($100,000): Dark

3rd/4th ($30,000): Stats, Elazer

Hearthstone World Championship

1st place ($250,000): Pavel

2nd place ($150,000): DrHippi

3rd/4th place ($100,000): Jasonzhou, che0nsu

Overwatch World Cup

Winners: South Korea

Runners Up: Russia

3rd/4th place: Finland, Sweden


Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship

1st place ($300,000): Ballistix

2nd place ($150,000): Fnatic

3rd/4th places ($100,000): MVP Black, Team Dignitas


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