SMITE Super Regionals Underway

It’s a tough road to SMITE World Championships at the HiRez Expo, and the latest stop is at the Super Regionals LAN in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Six teams from North America and Europe will qualify for the SWC out of this tournament.

Wednesday, November 16th – Regional Semifinals (Best of 5)

European Semifinal 1: Orbit 1 – 3 Obey Alliance

North American Semifinal 1: Team Eager 3 – 1 Flash Point GG

Thursday, November 17th – Regional Semifinals(Best of 5)

European Semifinal 2: NRG eSports 3 – 0 Sanguine

North American Semifinal 2: SoaR Gaming 3 – 1 Luminosity

Friday, November 18th – Saturday, November 19th – Wildcard Group Play

The losers of each Regional Semifinal match will meet gauntlet winners Team Allegiance and Team Dignitas in group play. The six teams involved will all play each other once (in a best of 1), with the top 2 teams securing their spot as the wildcards at SWC 2017.


Flash Point




Team Allegiance

Sunday, November 20th – Regional Championships (Best of 5)

European Regional Finals

North American Regional Finals

Stick with ESS for match updates and video from the event!