Call of Duty

Getting Into the Game: An Interview with DreamCrazzy

June 20, 2016 Kim Key

In an industry whose face is overwhelmingly male, can a female make it to the top of her game? ESS recently reached out to one woman who is doing just that. Ellen “DreamCrazzy” Schroth is a Call of Duty player for Riot Gaming in the North American Female Pro League. [more]

ES Originals

MomoCon 2016: Gaming Throughout the Ages

June 14, 2016 Kim Key

When I initially applied to cover the 2016 MomoCon competitive gaming events, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I went home with my ears ringing, my heart thumping, and my eyes opened to the many new and old arcade options on the market. [more]

ES Originals

How to Watch League of Legends

The following is a simple guide to watching and understanding League of Legends.  This guide is intended to initiate the very casual viewer, and allow them to be able to enjoy watching the weekly League [more]