SMITE Season 4 Summer Rosterpocalypse Watch

So many things can change in a matter of months; the seasons change and  priorities change, but there’s one thing every SMITE fan can always count on: rosterpocalypse.

As we’ve been doing since Season 3, we’re keeping an eye on the chaos that is team changes between seasons in the SMITE Pro scene.  During the Spring S4 Rosterpocalypse, we saw the break up and reformation of several teams, including the departure of top org Team EnVyUs, 2017 Masters winners Obey’s formation, and the creation of the team known as In Memory of Gabe Trifecta.

Instead of using a timeline this time around, we’re going to list each team in the NA and EU regions and the roster changes.  If and when the teams change – this article will reflect those changes (noted in bold or crossed out if applicable).

Are you on a team (or work with an org in an official capacity) and want to send us a team change notice or correction?  Get in touch here.

The 2017 SMITE Pro League Summer Split begins on Thursday, May 25th.

North America

Team Eager Team AI

  • Spring: Zapman, Aror, TheBest, djpernicus, Divios
  • Summer: Zapman, Aror, TheBest, sam4soccer2, Divios
  • Summer (6/3/2017 Zapman steps down) Xenotronics, Aror, TheBest, ElChapo, Divios


  • Spring: BaRRaCCuDDa, JeffHindla, Baskin, Mask, ScaryD
  • Summer: BaRRaCCuDDa, JeffHindla, Baskin, Mask, ScaryD


  • Spring: PandaCat, PainDeViande, Khaos, Varizial1/Scream, Benji
  • Summer: PandaCat, PolarBearMike, Khaos, Varizial1/Scream, Benji

SoaR Gaming  Monkey Madness SpaceStation Gaming

  • Spring: Vetium, Jigz, andinster, Homiefe, fineokay
  • Summer: Vetium, Jigz, andinster, Homiefe, fineokay

In Memory of Gabe Trifecta

  • Spring: Snoopy, Eonic, Hurriwind, Cynosure, Whalrus
  • Summer: Snoopy, Eonic, Hurriwind, Cynosure, Kikisocheeky

Team Allegiance

  • Spring Split: Oceans, PolarbearMike, Metyankey, Weak3n, CycloneSpin
  • Spring Gauntlet: Oceans, Vivianx3, Metyankey, Weak3n, CycloneSpin
  • Summer: Oceans, Neirumah, Metyankey, Weak3n, CycloneSpin

Flash Point

  • Spring: Aquarius, Mirage, Incon, XenoTronics, Shadowq
  • Summer: Sops, Shadowq, sheyka, Mirage, DanteLeFargo

Noble eSports

  • Spring: Uzzy, elchapo, MLCst3alth, Wowy, Wubbn
  • Spring Relegations: Aquarius, Copebby, MLCSt3alth, Wowy, Wubbn
  • Summer: Wowy, Wubbn, MLCst3alth, Skeeledon, Aquarius


Obey Alliance

  • Spring: Ataraxia, EmilZy, PrettyPriMe, CaptainTwig, maniaKK
  • Summer: Ataraxia, EmilZy, PrettyPriMe, CaptainTwig, maniaKK

Team Dignitas

  • Spring: Arkkyl, Trixtank, Zyrhoes, QvoFred, Variety
  • Summer: Arkkyl, Trixtank, Zyrhoes, QvoFred, Variety

NRG Esports

  • Spring: emilitoo, iRaffer, Yammyn, Adapting, Dimi
  • Summer: emilitoo, iRaffer, Yammyn, Adapting, Dimi


  • Spring: Xaliea, Cherryo, Lawbster, Funballer, BigManTingz
  • Summer: Funballer, BigManTingz, Lawbster, Faeles, Duck3y

Team Rival

  • Spring: Vote, KaLaS, Wlfy, iceicebaby, Deathwalker
  • Summer: Vote, KaLaS, Wlfy, iceicebaby, Deathwalker


  • Spring: Jermain, Dardez, Nulisa, Nika, N0Numbers
  • Summer: Jermain, Dardez, Nulisa, Nika, N0Numbers
  • Summer (week 2): Jermain, Dardez, Nulisa, Cherryo, N0Numbers

The Papis

  • Summer Relegations: Warchi, Dracomarino, Ojoboom, Dheylo, Icreedx
  • Summer: Warchi, Dracomarino, Ojoboom, Dheylo, Icreedx

Optimus Gang Burrito Esports

  • Spring Gauntlet: Sibi, Gorgonzolla, Tynz, Cosmic, Hoek
  • Summer Relegations: Sibi, Dzoni, DeathPanter, Kespainify, Fusify
  • Summer: Kespainify, Fusify, DeathPanter, Dzoni, Sibi