Astralis Beats Virtus.Pro Again at ELEAGUE

Astralis added insult to injury by winning Clash for Cash: The Rematch against ELEAGUE Major runners-up The event was put on by Turner’s ELEAGUE and pitted the two teams together as a follow up to January’s wild match. Astralis won 7-16, 16-4, 16-3, pocketing the $250,000 prize at the GFUEL ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta.

Since 2016 ELEAGUE has produced two seasons of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league, a CS:GO major, the Overwatch Open, and the Street Fighter V Invitational.

ELEAGUE’s upcoming schedule features another full-season CS:GO league called ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017. League play begins Friday, September 1st. ELEAGUE will also return to the FGC scene with an Injustice 2 World Championship in October.


Photo courtesy ELEAGUE.