[Call of Duty] ESWC 2017 Preview

Last week they played CoD in Atlanta, and this week the crème de la crème of Call of Duty esports have arrived in Paris for yet another Call of Duty World League event: ESWC’s Paris Open.  A total of 96 teams from around the world will compete this weekend including the reigning champions, OpTic Gaming, and last week’s surprise champions in Atlanta, eUnited.

The event is divided into an Open Bracket that then feeds into Pool Play.  The Open Bracket sees a number of highly rated North American teams in this EU-based tournament, so watching who emerges from that scrum should be interesting.

The Esports World Cup (ESWC) in Paris this weekend also features Clash of Clans, Just Dance, and League of Legends competitions.

Quick Info

  • Dates: February 17th – 19th
  • Prize Pool: $100,000
  • Location: Porte de Versailles, Paris, France
  • Format: Open Bracket, Pro Pool Play, Double Elimination Championship Bracket
  • Stream: MLG.tv, YouTube, in-game event viewer on PS4

Prize Pool

  • 1st $40,000
  • 2nd $24,000
  • 3rd $16,000
  • 4th $8,000
  • 5th-6th $4,000
  • 7th-8th $2,000

Pool Play Groups

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Pool Play Schedule

Friday February 17th

PST EST GMT AEST Team 1 Score Team 2
4:00am 7:00AM 12:00pm 10:00pm uk flag Splyce vs Europe Xtrovert Esports
4:00am 7:00AM 12:00pm 10:00pm USA Cloud9 vs uk flag Fnatic
5:30am 8:30am 1:30PM 11:30PM USA Rise Nation vs france Supremacy
5:30am 8:30am 1:30PM 11:30PM uk flag Red Reserve vs uk flag Team 3G
7:00am 10:00am 3:00PM 1:00AM uk flag Elevate vs uk flag Fnatic
7:00am 10:00am 3:00PM 1:00AM USA FaZe Clan vs Europe Xtrovert Esports
8:30am 11:30am 4:30PM 2:30AM uk flag Infused vs france Supremacy
8:30am 11:30am 4:30PM 2:30AM USA OpTic Gaming vs uk flag Team 3G
10:00am 1:00pm 6:00PM 4:00AM USA Cloud9 vs uk flag Elevate
10:00am 1:00pm 6:00PM 4:00AM uk flag Splyce vs USA FaZe Clan
12:00pm 3:00pm 8:00PM 6:00AM USA Rise Nation vs uk flag Infused
12:00pm 3:00pm 8:00PM 6:00AM uk flag Red Reserve vs USA OpTic Gaming

Open Bracket

Championship Bracket

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