Call of Duty ESL 5k CWL Challenge Division AUS/NZ/EU Placings

The AUS/NZ and EU regions had their first online Call of Duty Challenge Division events this past weekend.  Amateur and pro teams competed for CWL points that will be used to qualify for the Call of Duty World Championship later this year.  In both regions, the prize pool was $5,000 for the tournament and the tournaments were run by ESL.  In North America, the prize pool for their Challenge tournament was $25,000.

Call of Duty pro team Mindfreak took the top prize in the Australia/New Zealand region, while exceL won the EU competition.  AUS/NZ saw the most non-pro league teams take places in the Top 8 (Llama’s in Pyjamas, Rival eSports, and Evo ANZ), while TorpedoGG and Team Tempo were the non-CWL squads that were able to break into the money standings on the EU side.

Australia/New Zealand 5k Tournament Placements


Mindfreak eSports ($2,000/500pts)


Tainted Minds ($1000/300pts)


Chiefs eSports Club ($500/200pts)

Team Orbit ($500/200pts)


Apotheon eSports ($250/150pts)

Rival eSports ($250/150pts)

Evo ANZ ($250/150pts)

Europe 5k Tournament Placements


exceL ($2,000/500pts)


Team Infused ($1000/300pts)


Team Tempo ($500/200pts)

Epsilon eSports ($500/200pts)


TCM Gaming ($250/150pts)

Splyce ($250/150pts)

Giants Gaming ($250/150pts)

TorpedoGG ($250/150pts)

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