Online Tournaments for Call of Duty World Championships Qualification

As part of the Call of Duty World League Challenge Division, Activision has announced a series of online competitions to give amateur and pro-am teams a chance to compete for the $3 million CoD World Champs prize pool.  In addition to LAN events, these online tournaments will grant points to players that will determine qualification for the 2016 World Championships.  80 teams from around the world will be invited to attend the competition.

Regional Events:

North America: Each event has a $25,000 prize pool and both Pro Division and amateur teams can compete.

EU:  Upcoming CoD World Champs qualifying points LAN events are EGL 15 (March 5-6) in London ($25,000 prize pool), and ESWC (May 6-8) in Paris ($50,000 prize pool).

Online events each have $5,000 prize pools, and teams at all levels of competition can compete.

ANZ: No LAN events have been announced for this region (right now, this area has a much smaller participation pool than NA and EU).

Online events each have $5,000 prize pools and again, teams at all levels of competition can compete.


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