[Call of Duty] UMG 25k Challenge Division Tournament Placings

The Call of Duty Challenge Division events are in full swing now, with amateur and pro teams competing for CWL points that will be used to qualify for the Call of Duty World Championship later this year.

This weekend saw tournaments in all regions, with the largest being a $25,000 prize pool tournament in North America run by UMG.

Professional teams who are already in the Call of Duty World League dominated the top spots of the competition, taking the majority of the prize pool and the majority of the points, but AM squads like Flawless and Team Liquid managed to snag some valuable points for their players.

The #GREENWALL of OpTic Gaming came out on top this time, coasting through the competition and only dropping one map, an S&D, throughout the entire tournament.

UMG 25k Challenge Division Final Placements


OpTic Gaming ($10,000/500pts)


Rise Nation ($5,000/300pts)


FaZe Clan ($2,500/200pts)

H2k Gaming ($2,500/200pts)


Flawless ($1,250/150pts)

Team Liquid ($1,250/150pts)

Team eLevate ($1,250/150pts)

Team EnVyUs ($1,250/150pts)

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