Call of Duty

What to Watch This Weekend: EU CoD, SMITE, Fighting

March 25, 2016 Kim Key

It’s the weekend, and though your family desperately wants to spend some time with you- there’s eSports happening around the world. Here’s a list of events to keep watching via your Twitch app on your phone during lulls in conversation with the relatives. [more]

Call of Duty

What To Watch This Weekend: Halo, CoD, Final Round, SXSW

March 19, 2016 Kim Key

It’s the weekend, and while you grind for that double XP on SMITE’s birthday weekend, shake the pollen from your clothing, and close all the blinds to block out the warm and friendly rays of the sun, be sure to keep some tabs open on your desktop for all the eSports action. [more]