Nintendo Offers Esports For the Switch at E3

Nintendo’s press conferences at E3 are typically short, but they typically also cram a lot of information into their presentations.  This year, the game publisher spent their time on main stage selling their latest console, the highly sought and touted Nintendo Switch.  The company also announced it was working on Metroid 4, much to the internet’s delight.

Of the possible esports offerings at the showcase, Pokken Tournament Deluxe is one of the most obvious.  In keeping with the Nintendo tradition of having “in-person” multiplayer games, Pokken Tournament Deluxe can be played by two people on one Switch, with each using a Joy-Con controller.  There will also be new modes for players to choose from in this latest edition of the Pokken series. The game will launch for Switch on September 22nd.

The other established esport mentioned is Rocket League, which will be coming to the Nintendo Switch during the holiday season (November-December) of 2017.  The game will have exclusive in game items for the Switch, and most excitingly – cross platform play so players can join their friends playing on PC or other consoles for a match.

The Nintendo esports tournaments at E3 2017 were also mentioned during the presentation, and we have noted their schedules here.