Community Spotlight: Overwatch Fan Art

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The world and characters of Activision/Blizzard’s fantasy FPS Overwatch have inspired an official comic, countless works of epic fanfiction, and even an X-rated parody or two.  In this week’s Esports Source Community Spotlight we’re highlighting some of the artists from the Overwatch fandom who have recently shared their creativity on Twitter.

If you’d like your original art from *any* esports game to be included in a future Community Spotlight, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we may pick you for a feature!

(Please only submit art you have created yourself.  Signal boost other artists’ work by tagging us in the replies on Twitter!)

Header art is from the “Lunar New Year Tapestry”, courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

An incredible D.Va.

Art by Alex Chow.

Listen, it’s always High Noon somewhere.

McRee costume swap by @bigbaras

“I mean, how do you think she got the name?”

Widowmaker by Atu

If Sombra had an office job, you know she’d spill the tea with you by the water cooler.

Art by @umigraphics.

Need side-eye lessons? Gaze at this version of Pharah and take some notes.

Art by HelixelGoddess.

The gang’s here (take cover!)

Art by Whitney Lanier.

Salt of the earth? …or just salty? Torbjörn earns his umlaut in this doodle.

Art by Erika Hunter.

Mei drawn with colored pencils is reaching criminal levels of cuteness.

Art by @magicalzombie.

Zenyatta not only wants you to find your own kind of harmony, but also wants a hug.

Art by @xbunnichanx.

The bantu knots/space buns look is VERY D.Va and poor Genji looks a little apprehensive of esports.

Art by Sprout2D.

Breathtaking sketches/paintings of Mercy, Zenyatta, and Mei.  Can you believe they’re unfinished?

Art by Claire Ingram.

This is Mercy at her most merciful/beautiful.

Art by Lu McAllister.

We have a lot of D.Va in the spotlight this time around, but this version of her has so much life!

Art by Ayu.

This button set is incredible/hilarious and we may need it right now, if not sooner.

Art by Jana Kilianová.

All 24 of your Overwatch heroes, all dealing with their issues in the cutest way possible.

Art by Brian Bear.

Send in your fan art for *any* esports game (will receive credit) to [email protected]!