Best SMITE Season 4 Guides For Each Position

We’ve put together a collection of video tutorials and guides for each position in PC SMITE’s Conquest map (the main competitive mode). The videos are all produced by current SMITE professional players or other members of the SMITE fan community.

How to Watch SMITE

You can learn about the new gods in Season Four and get regular Patch Notes updates over at game developer Hi-Rez Studios’ YouTube account.


Conquest Guide

Hi-Rez personality Raynday Gaming came up with this quick and smart guide to SMITE for beginners in April of 2017, and while the tips may be common knowledge for experienced players, the information is perfect for players who are just starting out or who are intimidated by Conquest or MOBAs in general.

DukeSlothTV put together this definitive guide at the start of the fourth season, and it’s a good introduction to the Conquest map and getting comfortable with picking starter items.  A great starting place for players who are new to Conquest.



For support we have Lucretzia, a YouTuber, game designer, and content creator at CycloneGG. He’s offering easy-to-understand tips (good for new players) on how to play Support and become the often unsung hero on your team.

Pro player PolarbearMike made a Season 4 Support guide early in 2017, and if you want to learn how to be great at your position, you may as well learn from one of the best. The guide is long but thorough, and should be required viewing for Support players who are trying to better understand their role and build.



This video isn’t from a professional player, but it’s a solid guide to learning how to play ADC in Season 4, and a good basis for deciding how you want to build and how you want to play your lane.  Mast provides a very matter of fact guide for approaching the ADC role, and what it lacks in jokes and memes, it makes up for in valuable information.



Weak3n is one of the best known entertainers and professional players in the current SMITE scene, and he also uploads daily tips and gameplay to his YouTube channel. In the following guide, he shows his Season 4 build and most importantly, he explains why he chooses his items. The guide is designed for experienced players who are hoping to be more effective and efficient in the jungle.



Entertainer and player Incon makes an appearance on our list with a Season Four mage mid building guide.  The video is primarily for experienced players who are already familiar with ways to play the midlane, but want to get the most from their mages this season.


We’re returning to DukeSlothTV for this one, as he put together a comprehensive Warrior build guide for the latest season.  (He also has guides for other classes on his channel)

This guide is for players who already know their role fairly well, but want to understand how and when to use their items effectively during a match.


Did we miss out on any guides for Season 4 that have caught your eye?  Let us know via Twitter.

Coming up: a look at Season 4 god guides.  Feel free to email us with your submission!