eUnited’s Prestinni Chats about OpTic and MLG Atlanta

eUnited is a team that burst on the Call of Duty scene just months ago, winning the weekly online tournaments with ease.  Despite the team’s consistent wins online, they hadn’t gained much in the way of respect from other players due to their lackluster performance at MLG Vegas, the first lan of the Call of Duty World League Infinite Warfare season.  The team went through a roster change, dropping Drama for Silly, and stormed through the brackets, taking down team after team.

We caught up with eUnited player Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson following their 3-0 sweep of Team EnVyUs to make it to the Grand Final at the MLG Atlanta Open.  

When asked if their “Onliners” reputation was something common among fans, Prestinni confirmed this and added that the pros are just as guilty of underestimating his team:

“The pro chat is usually lit with it.  The pro chat actually called us ‘LAN burgers’ or something like that.  They’re just insulting our LAN play and we’re here to prove them wrong.”

He says the team is ready to face whomever they meet in the final, but he’s keen to play against OpTic Gaming for a big reason:

“Online they blacklisted us from scrimming and stuff like that, calling us onliners…  

So I want to prove them wrong.”

When asked what he planned to do if the team won the whole competition, Prestinni paused, smiled, and said,

“I’m just going to stand up and hold that trophy.  No trash talk, no twitter feud.  Just holding that trophy.”

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