LCS EU Playoffs: H2K v Origen LIVE BLOG

The playoffs for the League of Legends Spring Split are happening all weekend long, as teams face off in a battle for Championship points and eventually a place the World Championships in September.

EU and NA Playoffs Preview

H2K v Origen
Stream: Riot Games

Today we’re starting with the EU region, and the semifinal match between 2nd seed H2K, and 4th seeded Origen.  I’ll be on live blogging duties all weekend for the playoffs, so do keep me company while we watch some League of Legends for literally days on end.  Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter with any comments and observations about the matches!


LIVE BLOG (refreshes automatically)

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:06 pm
Hello, and welcome to the EU Semi-Finals! Today we see H2K face Origen for a place in the LCS Spring split finals.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:06 pm

The playoff picture (Riot Games)

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:08 pm

Here is how the Championship points are awarded.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:12 pm

OG are only on the blue side for Game 1 and Game 5.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:16 pm


“Regular season doesn’t matter” – It’s all about the playoffs for Origen.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:24 pm

Game 1 – Pick and Bans

Game 1 pick and bans done – this is how the teams look going into Game One! Can H2K reach their first EU LCS Final EVER?

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:25 pm
Game 1 – Keystone Masteries

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:28 pm


Standard early game so far. Here is your 5 minute update as OG take Rift Herald.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:30 pm


The flash, the ult, the kill! Ryu goes down and it’s first blood for Origen and Amazing!

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:32 pm


When that action was going down mid, H2k pushed Origens top lane very hard. Taking the inhib tower down very very low.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:34 pm


Nothing to separate the two sides just yet.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:37 pm


Amazing and Soaz catch Odoamme overextending in the top lane

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:39 pm


The first big fight and Origen show their team fighting prowess! A huge lockdown by POE starts off a clean demolishing of H2K. 5-0 on kills and H2K down around 2,000 gold right now.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:40 pm

H2K grab dragon. Origen take down Vander.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:42 pm


PowerofEvil and Odoamne are 1v1’ing in the top lane, both teams come over to help out…but Origen react much much faster! They take down the Ekko.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:45 pm
Here is your 20-minute update. Look at the amount of pink wards around Baron by Origen! They’ll definitely be targeting that objective some time soon.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:51 pm


27 minutes in, and nothing has happened since I updated you about 6 minutes ago. Origen need to start baiting Baron more and force a team fight.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:54 pm


Origen do finally bait baron like I said…and it didn’t work! You didn’t have to listen to me, there is a reason why I’m Gold…H2K kill off Soaz and PowerOfEvil, the game stalls out longer.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20163:59 pm


A huge fight in the midlane! POE gets burst down super quick by H2K, but Amazing grabs the first blood in the fight! Amazing pushes on down mid lane chasing two H2K members – but a teleport in by Ryu changes the tide of the fight! The chase down power of Kassadin sees Ryu clean up and grab 2 kills. 4-2 for H2K in that fight. They then push on to grab Baron.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:01 pm


A really good first game here in the LCS. H2K are now back in this game and will be looking to push with their Baron buff.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:05 pm


The Barons about to come up, so here comes the Baron dance…surely whoever wins the next team fight will win the game?

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:11 pm


Double teleport advantage for OG. Each team keep on posturing around Baron but nobody is pulling the trigger. Nervy game.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:15 pm


Ryu catches out Mithy. Soaz pushes top lane, minions push bottom. H2K then push Baron and Amazing steals it! H2K clean up there in an amazing team fight – Forgiven with a quadra kill! 4-3 in H2K’s favour and they can now push inhibs.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:16 pm


The aftermath as Forigven gets a quadra kill.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:17 pm
OG are the first team to reach 100K gold. They are grouping and pushing mid now…

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:18 pm


Oh no…it all goes so wrong for Origen. They push down mid game and are picked off one by one. H2K push on to win. What an amazing Game One.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:20 pm

Game 1 – H2K WIN

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:24 pm

Game 1 – That fight

This was the fight that changed the course of the game. Huge mistake by Zven for getting so close. Also bad positioning by him on the last fight – went for a tower hit but got caught out.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:30 pm

Game 2 – Pick and Bans

Game 2 pick and bans to come shortly! PowerOfEvil will stay in as Origen’s mid laner. xPeke will not come in despite the loss.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:35 pm

Game 2 – Pick and Bans

Here we go, the bans are in. I’ll update you on the picks.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:39 pm

Game 2 – Picks and Bans

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:42 pm

Game 2 – Keystone masteries

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:47 pm


A fairly boring 6 minutes – players now start to make their first recalls of the game to grab items.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:50 pm


H2K plan a 5 man tower dive on 3 members of OG in the top lane…but OG out play it! Zven grabs first blood and the teams trade 2 for 2. Amazing makes his way over after the fight has defused and grabs himself a kill – Soaz grabs himself bot turret. 1,500 gold advantage for OG.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:53 pm


A fairly even trade. Amazing kills Vander in the top lane, but they waste quite a lot of resources for it. H2K take their bottom turret in the process.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:54 pm

Origen gets the first Dragon of the game.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:55 pm


H2K go for another tower dive….

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:57 pm


But OG pick them off yet again! It’s all so sloppy by H2K, their decision making has been so poor when tower diving.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20164:58 pm

This is how the gold looks after that failed tower dive earlier.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:00 pm
Jankos steals the Dragon for H2K! Their 1st Dragon of the game.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:03 pm


Origen dive H2K under their own turret after Soaz catches Jankos. The team fight works out for them, they take it 3-0 and then take Baron. Great synergy and decision making by Origen. H2K are too scattered in these fights.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:07 pm


Origen didn’t make huge use of their Baron buff. They pick up their 2nd Dragon of the game now and return to pushing side lanes.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:10 pm


Here’s an update at nearly 30mins. Baron up in 15, Origen go to start it straight away but H2K pressure them off it. A fight to come very soon around Baron.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:13 pm


Origen keep on starting Baron and H2K keep stopping them. Soaz manages to block some members of H2K off – and the rest of the team bursts down Baron. Amazing gets the smite and OG are able to clean up afterwards.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:16 pm


A scrappy fight bot sees PowerOfEvil dropped, Vander goes down for H2K. The rest of H2K is low and Soaz collapses round – he twisted advances onto Ryu and picks up the kill – Zven then picks of Jankos. Origen push in to win. 1-1 in the series.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:18 pm

H2K 1 – 1 ORIGEN

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:20 pm
Game 2 – Origen win.

Zven, who made some mistakes in Game One, was unbelievable that game.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:24 pm

Game 2 – Origen win

Amazing, who was deemed to be a weaker jungler compared to Jankos, has stepped up in this Series too. He performed well in Game One on Kindred, and replicated that performance in Game 2.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:34 pm

Game 3 – Pick and Bans

And we’re into Game 3! Pick and Bans on their way.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:40 pm

Game 3 – Picks and Bans

Here we go then. Origen going for a late scaling composition, but in the early game they’re really weak. They’ve got little to no wave clear. H2K need to punish this.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:42 pm


Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:43 pm

PowerOfEvil blows flash in mid lane to avoid a gank.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:43 pm


PowerOfEvil blows flash in mid lane to avoid a gank.
Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:47 pm


500g lead for H2K in the early game. They’ll have to make moves soon to punish this weak early game composition of OG.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:49 pm


H2K secure first blood onto Mithy due to Ryu’s beautiful Lissandra ult.

Ryu has opening up a strong CS lead in mid lane too.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:51 pm
Odoamne takes down Soaz. H2K up nearly 2K on gold, 2-0 on kills.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:53 pm


Ryu is dominating PowerOfEvil in this mid lane on CS. He now pushes in on OG’s second tier mid turret.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20165:57 pm


H2K now 3-0 on tower kills, opening up a 5k gold lead. This will be a slow methodical game. H2K take Dragon to extend the gold lead even more.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:00 pm


H2K suffocating Origen here. It’ll be a long drawn out process until they can take down the baron – maybe in like 5 minutes.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:02 pm


PowerOfEvil steps too far up from his bottom turret and is taken out by Jankos and Ryu. H2K destroy the 2nd tier tower and the inhib tower. They’ve backed off and will certainly target that open inhib.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:05 pm


Origen try and get H2K off their turret by engaging with Mithy’s Alistar. It doesn’t work though and, although none of them die, Origen lose their turret – H2K take it and then go take their 2nd Dragon of the game.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:09 pm


H2K get the baron and are now 12K gold ahead. A perfect game from the 2nd place seed.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:12 pm


H2K push in top lane with their baron buff to win. The champion select let OG down – like I said before the game started, Origens comp is weak early game, H2K knew this and punished them. They are now one win away from the Finals.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:13 pm

H2K 2 – 1 ORIGEN (BO5)

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:22 pm

xPeke subbed in for Game 4 (PowerOfEvil subbed out)

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:29 pm

Delay here is due to xPeke warming up…will be with pick and bans shortly.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:31 pm

Game 4 – Pick and Bans

Here we go! Pick and bans underway. H2K need one more win to get into the EU LCS finals for the first time ever.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:36 pm

Game 4 – Pick and Bans

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:39 pm


Lane swaps in progress, both teams push the bottom/top towers. Slight tempo lead for H2K.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:41 pm


Ryu and Jankos stun xPeke in the mid lane and secure first blood.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:44 pm


Both teams push town top/bot towers. They both get the 2nd tier turrets – H2K manage to push the minion wave to the inhib tower to deny Soaz farm.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:45 pm
Mithy, Amazing and Zven catch out an overextending Forgiven – lack of concentration there.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:50 pm


A quick update on stats as Origen take Rift Herald.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:52 pm


Origen take the first Dragon of the game.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:56 pm


Nothing to report just yet. The game is slow and methodical. Teams joint on gold as OG secure the Rift Herald.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20166:58 pm
An amazing flash cocoon catches xPeke – Ryu secures the kill. Them two combining again.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:01 pm
Zven takes down Jankos as the team groups mid. OG waste so much resources though and aren’t able to pick up anything else.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:05 pm

H2K and Origen still even going into the 30-minute mark – still awake?

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:05 pm


H2K take Dragon.
Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:09 pm


H2K and OG are just mirroring each other in mid lane. Each team threatens to fight, but then just pulls back.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:12 pm


HERE WE GO! Amazing catches out Jankos in his jungle with a body slam, Smithy throws out his Braum ult and….nothing happens. Yeah nothing. Jankos probably lost a bit of health that’s about it.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:14 pm


A fight! I promise, there was! OG get 2 kills and push on to get Baron. They then push mid and get themselves 2 towers.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:16 pm

Origen also got themselves an inhib on the baron push.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:18 pm


Zven having a great game, just like he did in Game 2. He’s currently 3/0/1.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:20 pm


H2K’s inhib respawns. Baron up in 1:20.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:20 pm


OG take the inhib with ease.
Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:21 pm


We have a pause. xPeke having keyboard problems.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:23 pm
Even Ryu’s falling asleep during this pause

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:25 pm


Never mind, Ryu is awake! Amazing gets melted and H2K manages to clean up. 3 kills for the LeBlanc, huge!

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:26 pm


H2K live to fight another day. Can they hold Origen off and get the win?

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:29 pm


A well fought team fight by Origen sees them ace H2K! Origen push on to win. We’re going to a game 5, get Silver Scrapes ready!

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:36 pm

Game 5 – xPeke has been SUBBED out for PowerOfEvil

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:39 pm


Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:44 pm
Game 5 – Pick and Bans

We’re back. The FINAL game of today’s EU LCS Semi-Final. Who will move on to the final? Full picks and bans coming very soon.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:50 pm

Game 5 – Picks and Bans

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:52 pm


Here we go – the winner takes it all. Will it be OG making it back to back finals? Or will H2K make their first ever final? Lets find out.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20167:56 pm


First 5 minutes of Game 5. Standard lane swaps, H2K take Rift Herald.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:00 pm

Amazing steals blue from Jankos and Ryu. Thats quite a big move as it means Ryu can’t spam abilities on PowerOfEvil, who has no summoners.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:03 pm


Mithy goes down to Ryu for first blood – but Origen respond by taking mid. Origen end up coming out on top in that trade.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:05 pm


H2K secure the first Dragon of the game.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:10 pm


OG and H2K have a little scuffle mid lane then just walk away from each other.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:11 pm


Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:13 pm

OG grab their first Dragon. H2K collapse on sOAZ top lane and secure the kill. H2K behind on gold by about 2K and POE has a good CS lead in the midl ane too over Ryu.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:16 pm

Mithy blocks all projectiles and chains, he does go down, but it leaves carries like PowerOfEvil and Zven to reak havoc in that fight! OG still have 4 up so go and secure Baron too. OG have a hand on that ticket to Rotterdam.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:17 pm


OG destroy the middle inhibitor. The gates are open.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:20 pm


H2K try hard to defend this turret. Ryu manages to put good damage on to Zven (as seen below), but OG end up taking the turret anyway. Far too strong right now.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:21 pm


Baron up in 15 seconds – the end could be near if Origen bait H2K out to it.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:24 pm


Jankos caught out by OG as he walks too close to a brush. They then grab Baron. They’ll look to use the Baron buff to push in and win here.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:26 pm


OG take the inhib and catch Ryu off at the side. They then push in top lane and grab top lane inhib. They try to end but H2K force them back, they recall and will be back ASAP.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:28 pm


OG take bottom inhibitor and recall. All inhibitors are now down for H2K.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:30 pm


H2K try a heroic last stand, but it’s not enough – Origen are through to the EU LCS Finals!

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:41 pm

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:43 pm
Here’s how the EU Spring Playoffs look now. H2K still have a 3rd place game to play – so not all is lost for H2K.

Joe Michallat April 9, 20168:45 pm

You can catch the BO5 between G2 ESPORTS and FNATIC tomorrow at and here at esportssource.