Rumor Mill: Next Call of Duty Will Be In Space?

It’s that time of year again.  Rumors are flying around gaming social media about what’s next for the Call of Duty series.  We’ve previously reported a “Ghosts 2” rumor that was making the rounds a couple of months ago, and now reports are saying the new Infinity Ward title will be set in the final frontier: outer space.

According to a post from gaming industry insider Shinobi602, the game will be set very far into the future, and it will be “full on sci fi”.  An outlet that has previously reported accurate insider information on new games is Eurogamer, and reporter Tom Phillips says the game “will offer space combat between warring sci-fi groups in the far flung future.”

This doesn’t quite fit with the “boots on the ground”, “realistic shooter”, “modern day game”, “fav for no exos” requests we’ve been hearing from fans, players, and even casual gamers since the start of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.  In fact, it sounds exactly like there will be even more double jumping, wall running, exo suit wearing times ahead in the competitive scene.  That said, for players who have loved the futuristic settings of the recent Call of Duty titles, this game may be another hit.

Lending even more credibility to the rumors- eagle eyed Redditors spotted this easter egg of a New Year’s post from Infinity Ward this year:

Happy 2016! Here’s to reaching new heights! How did you celebrate? #NewYear #2016

— Infinity Ward (@InfinityWard) January 1, 2016


Naturally plenty of people in and around the Call of Duty community had opinions about the rumored game.  We rounded up some of the best:


As with all rumors, we all just have to wait and see what Infinity Ward holds for the competitive community.



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