SMITE Pro League Fall 2017 Begins

Following a summer of roster swaps, an org leaving esports and then making a speedy return, and prominent players announcing retirements, the PC SMITE Pro League has returned for the all-important Fall Split.

This time around, players will be hoping to qualify for the big show: the SMITE World Championships at the Hi-Rez Expo in January.

Week One:

  • In the EU region, Obey picked up where they’ve left off for the past two splits, rolling over The Papis with ease in a 2 – 0 result. Team Dignitas looked just as unbothered as they swept aside Team Rival to share the top of the table.
  • Two time World Champions NRG came in with slow start, dropping a game to Funballer’s Valance Squad.  A major test for iRaffer and the boys will come next week in their match against a strong-looking Team Dignitas.
  • The North American side of the league has more familiar faces at the top of the table, with eUnited, Luminosity and Trifecta all sitting pretty in first place. PaindeViande’s new team, SPL Gatekeepers also had a respectable showing in their first week in the Pro League, taking their first game off of a veteran Allegiance squad, but failing to keep the momentum to pull off a sweep.
  • Speaking of Allegiance – the team is back. After announcing financial difficulties and withdrawing from all esports during the summer, the organization quietly returned, picking up its old SMITE team along the way.
  • After announcing retirement during the Summer Split, former Team Eager player-owner Zapman also made a return to the scene under the Spacestation Gaming mantle. His team looks very capable on paper, as Jigz, andinster, Homiefe, and ScaryD round out the roster, but the squad struggled in the last match of the week on Sunday, and lost 0 – 2 to a confident eUnited team.

Upcoming Week 2 Key Matchups

  • Europe – NRG Esports vs Team Dignitas (September 14 at 2:30pm EDT) 
    • This is a chance for NRG to show they can play their best against some of the best players in the world. DIG will be working to hold on to that first place spot and show they are truly a force to be reckoned with in the region.
  • Europe – Team Rival vs Obey (September 16 at 5:30pm EDT)
    • Rival are a team packed with very good players like Vote and Deathwalker, and a battle against the team that has been the best in the region is one fans won’t want to miss.
  • North America – Luminosity v Space Station Gaming (September 14 at 5:30pm EDT)
    • The perennial NA leaders looked quite comfortable in week one with new solo laner Aquarius in their lineup, but they’ll have to face their old teammate, ScaryD on Thursday. Can SSG shake up Luminosity’s strategy? Regardless of the outcome, a match between two teams of veterans should be worth a watch.
  • North America – Trifecta vs eUnited (September 17 at 5:30pm EDT)
    • If Trifecta’s match against Kapow on week one was indicative of the way the team is planning to play this season, Trifecta may be the most fun team to watch during the Fall Split. Unconventional strats are the name of their game, as the team of well known players switched roles and eschewed the meta during their 2 – 0 sweep. Can their tricks and skill throw off an in-form eUnited?

All matches will be broadcast on the Hi-Rez TV Twitch Channel:

Check out the current standings here: SMITE Esports

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