SMITE Pro League Relegations Preview

Some of SMITE‘s best PC teams will fighting for pro league status over the weekend in the SPL Relegations. The squads that fell to the bottom of the SPL Summer Split table will face off against the top Challenger Circuit teams for a chance at promotion to the Pro League.

Fall Relegation matches are especially important, as teams from the Pro League will be fighting to to qualify for the SMITE World Championship in 2018.


The tournament is a Best of One, Round Robin event.  The top two teams from each region will move on to the SMITE Pro League Fall Split.

Broadcast Times:

  • Saturday, August 19th @ 1:00pm EDT – Europe
  • Sunday, August 20th @ 1:00pm EDT – North America




  • Burrito Esports vs. New Game Plus
  • The Papis vs. Victorious Secret
  • The Papis vs. Burrito Esports
  • New Game Plus vs. Victorious Secret
  • The Papis vs. New Game Plus
  • Burrito Esports vs. Victorious Secret


  • Flash Point vs. SPL Gatekeepers
  • Team AI vs. A Mighty Storm
  • Team AI vs. Flash Point
  • SPL Gatekeepers vs. A Mighty Storm
  • Team AI vs. SPL Gatekeepers
  • Flash Point vs. A Mighty Storm