SMITE Season 4 Build Tutorials #1

#1 : Agni, Anubis, Arachne, Artemis, Bastet

Each week we’ll be posting a set of Season 4 build tutorials for all of the SMITE gods in order of their release.  These videos are all for the PC version of SMITE.

Some of the guides and gameplay are for specific game modes or play styles and some are basic build videos that are suitable for Conquest mode (the esports map for competitive SMITE).  Want to recommend a video for this series?  Send us a note!


Best Agni Build: “This build is fire!” by Drag0nMast3r

Season 4 Joust build and gameplay by Jackson Teoh

A thorough step-by-step walkthrough of a successful pickup Joust match featuring a high-damage dealing Agni against a hapless team.



All Out Anubis! So Many Kills! | Clash Build and Gameplay by FrostFangs

An aggressive way to play Anubis on the Clash map.



Season 4 Arachne Build by AnAngryCloud5

A build and gameplay video suitable for a variety of SMITE game modes.



Smite Season 4: Ranked Artemis ADC #4 by BaRRaCCuDDa

A clip from pro player Barra’s stream showing how the world champion ADC plays with an inexpensive build.  He does a good job here of explaining his thought process during the match.


Season 4 Op Bastet Build Video by Drag0nMast3r

Another basic build from this content creator who gives a rundown of items and abilities for playing Bastet effectively in S4.


Up next: Hades, He Bo, Hel, Hun Batz, Kali