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Boomie and Maltimum top the NA and EU Brawlhalla 1v1 standings this week.  NA player noeL came in first at GamersOnTheEdge 4 Kids event this weekend, defeating Eevamax in the final. Atrophius and Daze placed third and fourth respectively.

Meanwhile, Maltimum won first place at the Riddle Brawl this past weekend, with M for Mini, Reason, and Aerial rounding out the top four.

This weekend, Boomie, noeL and other players will be fighting it out for the lion’s share of the $3000 prize pool at Combo Breaker 2017 in St. Charles, Illinois, USA.



Courtesy Blizzard Entertainment.

Four of the best players in Europe have clenched their spot in the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HGCT) Spring Championship on July 7-9.  Frederik “Hoej” Nielsen, Aleksandr “Kolento” Malsh, Dima “Rdu” Radu, Yvehenni and “Neirea” Shumilin all qualified for the event over the weekend.

This weekend is the Americas Spring Playoffs (May 27th-28th) which decides the four teams from the region that will compete alongside their EU opponents in Shanghai, China in July.


EU HTC Standings

Americas HTC Standings

Rocket League

The RLCS Season Three World Championship is just ten days away, and today the publisher announced a major gift for attendees: a hot new set of wheels.

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Ticket holders for the World Championship in Los Angeles on June 2nd-4th will all receive an exclusive set of ten-spoke “Decennium Pro” Wheels.  Attendees will receive their codes via email.

Tickets are still available for the World Championships via LiveNation.