Boomie and Stimpy Win Brawlhalla Legends

The first ever S-tier tournament on the Brawlhalla Circuit netted two players a cool $1500 each for their efforts at the Stream.Me Brawlhalla Legends Series.

Over 500 North American players signed up for the 1-v-1 tournament over the weekend, but Zack “Boomie” Bielamowicz was the player to come out on top over Flashpoint’s Noel Rosario.

In EU’s Grand Finals, number one ranked Malte “Maltimum” Olofsson faced Yassine “Stimpy” Sami in the Grand Final.  The pair went all the way to a Game 5 in the Winner’s Finals, and Maltimum won that battle when Stimpy missed a ground pound and a key chance to move on to the final.  Stimpy tmanaged to get past Finland’s Tommy “TB” Remander in the Loser’s Bracket Final to meet Maltimum again in the Grand Finals.

The first match was as unpredictable as their Winner’s Final, as Stimpy won 3-1, resetting the Grand Finals.  The second match was a bit more one-sided, and Stimpy came away with a 3-0 sweep and the first place win.

In addition to the prize money, the S-tier tournament awarded the players 200 points for first place, putting them closer to qualifying for the Brawlhalla World Championship at BCX.

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