Nintendo Announces New Hybrid Console

Today Nintendo unveiled its much anticipated new platform- the Nintendo Switch.

In the preview video above, we’re introduced to the Nintendo Switch via a late 20-something man who is playing Skyrim on his device at home on the tv like a regular console, and in various places around the world as a handheld device.

Courtesy: Business Wire

It looks like the Switch comes with gaming sticks on either side of the screen that function as a gaming pad when playing alone, or as two controllers for multiplayer gaming.  The device can also be used with a traditional full sized controller, or you can put together a controller created with the two gaming sticks.

Nintendo already has a stable of publishers who will be releasing Nintendo versions of their games: stalwarts like Konami, SEGA and CAPCOM, and multiplatform sellers like Activision and Bethesda are on the list.

Courtesy: Business Wire
Courtesy: Business Wire

The console is schedule for release in March of 2017.

Think the new console may have an effect on any esports scenes?