PAC 12 Networks to Add eSports Coverage

We’ve already seen organizations like AVGL introduce esports on an amateur collegiate level and companies like Blizzard offer scholarships to winners of their Heroes of the Dorm competition.  Today, the PAC-12 Conference (a college athletic conference incorporating a number of universities in the western United States) announced the Pac-12 tv networks would begin airing esports next year.

The announcement comes from the Pac-12 board after an internal review regarding growing interest in esports among students.  Teams from campuses within the Pac-12 will play in head to head matchups and a tournament will be held.  Officials are still working out which game titles will be played.


“eSports is a natural fit for many of our universities located in the technology and media hubs of the country,” said Commisioner Larry Scott. “Pac-12 Networks’ commitment to innovation as well as its natural tie to our universities and established media platform make it the perfect organization to develop the framework for eSports intercollegiate competition.” 

Read the full board summary HERE