[HALO] NA Last Chance Qualifier Final

UPDATE:  Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming have qualified for the HCS Pro League!  See scores below.

List of HCS Pro Teams:

Counter Logic Gaming

Evil Geniuses

Team Allegiance

Team EnVyUs



Team Liquid

OpTic Gaming


The initial 16 have been whittled down to 8, but by the end of the day just two teams will make it into the North American Halo Championships Series ESL Pro League.  Six teams have already qualified through other events, and this is absolutely the last shot for teams who want to continue playing through the summer.

Qualified Teams: Counter Logic Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Team Allegiance, Team EnVyUs, Enigma6, Renegades

For the Last Chance Qualifier this weekend, the 16 teams were chosen based on their performances in a series of online qualifiers.  Five teams from the Summer Invitational received a bye, and remaining spots were taken by the 11 best teams of the 120 team pool in last weekend’s Open Qualifiers.

On Saturday, double elimination group play determined the top two teams from each group.

Here is a look at the bracket for Sunday’s competition.  The losing teams drop down a loser’s bracket.:


You can watch matches with casters on .


Str8 Rippin 0 – 4 Crowd Control

French Toast Mafia 2 – 4 eLevate

OpTic Gaming 4 – 1 Clown Fiesta

Team Liquid 4 – 1 Catastrophe

Crowd Control 2 – 4 eLevate

OpTic Gaming 0 – 4 Team Liquid

Catastrophe 3 – 4 Clown Fiesta

French Toast Mafia 4 – 1 Str8 Rippin

Crowd Control 2 – 4 Clown Fiesta

OpTic Gaming 4 – 2 French Toast Mafia

OpTic Gaming 4 – 0 Clown Fiesta

Team Liquid 4 – 2 eLevate

OpTic Gaming 4 – 2 eLevate