[HALO] Ogre 2 Retires from Competitive Halo

One of the last of Halo’s old guard is finally putting down the sticks, and moving on to a new chapter in his life. Today  Tom “Ogre 2” Ryan announced that he is retiring from competitive play.  This marks the end of a very long and accomplished gaming career for the 29 year old player that spans a whopping 13 years.

Ogre 2 began his competitive Halo career with who else – Ogre 1 – his twin brother Dan as a member of StK (Shoot to Kill).  The team placed first at the Halo50k tournament in Atlanta, GA in August of 2003.  From there, the Ogre Twins began to forge their incredible history in competitive Halo, most notably in 2v2 tournaments where the pair consistently dominated the competition.

2006 Final Boss- Image Courtesy of Major League Gaming
2006 Final Boss – Courtesy of Major League Gaming

In 2006, the pair became one half of the legendary Final Boss team with Team 3D teammates Walshy and Saiyan.  That lineup won four major tournaments in a row in 2006, and though the other teammates would change, from 2006 through 2008 the team racked up ten first place finishes at major tournaments, meaning they won half of all of the major money tournaments during that two year period.  Towards the back half of 2008 the team went into decline, and Ogre 1 opted to leave the team, and retired later that year.

2010 Final Boss- Image Courtesy of Major League Gaming
2010 Final Boss – Courtesy of Major League Gaming

Ogre 2 continued to play, eventually winning 40 championships and managing to win at least one event with six different teams.  In March 2014, Ogre 2 announced his first retirement.  Ryan made his return for Halo 2: Anniversary, and reformed StK with Heinz, Snakebite, and Royal2.

Most recently, Ogre 2 (also simply known as the GOAT) played under well known organizations like Counter Logic Gaming, Team EnVyUs and Denial.

Tonight many members of the professional Halo and Call of Duty esports communities (cross-over between the FPS communities) paid tribute to the long-time competitor on Twitter:

So what’s next for the GOAT?  Well we know his twin isn’t letting him take the all the historic shine: