[CS:GO] Shaq Appears in Video for ELEAGUE

Shaquille O’Neal: former NBA All-Star player, current basketball commentator, NRG co-owner, holder of multiple educational degrees, actor, rapper, tween-pop music video star, and now – a spokesman for Turner Broadcasting’s new ELEAGUE.  The Turner employee and sporting celebrity gets really into gaming in a new video to promote the start of the EL season.

This isn’t Shaq’s first appearance in a video game:

Instead of being the heavily pixelated subject of a video game, this time around Shaq appears in a short video about getting his “PHD in CS:GO”.  The curriculum for his studies includes herding chickens, offering players cheese, doing light janitorial work, and some fire fighting.

It’s truly his greatest role since attempting to look pleased about being interviewed by our ESS Editor-in-Chief.

Kim and Shaq
He’s so happy.

The ELEAGUE broadcast kicks off on May 27th at 10pm EST on TBS.