NA LCS Promotions: Day 2 LIVE BLOG

Welcome to Day Two of the North American Promotion Tournament for the League of Legends Championship Series.  I’ll be bringing you play-by-play of the remainder of the tournament’s matches.  The live blog should auto refresh right before your eyes, but feel free to refresh the page yourself for the latest updates.

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The tournament, held at LCS Studios in Los Angeles, California, consists of the 3 lowest placed LCS teams and the 2 highest placed Challenger teams throughout the Spring Split. The 5 teams will battle it out to gain entry to the LCS Summer Split.


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Courtesy Riot Games

-Bracket determined by seeding


Day 1 April 6 Match A (Team Dignitas vs. Team Dragon Knights) TDK WIN
Day 2 April 7 Match B (Renegades vs Team Dragon Knights) TBD
Day 2 April 7 Match C (Team Impulse vs. Apex) TBD
Day 3 April 8 Match D (Match 2 loser vs. Match 3 loser) TBD


Day Two

Team Dragon Knights, who finished 2nd in the Challenger series, will be hoping to replicate the same performance they displayed yesterday against LCS team Dignitas. The 3-0 victory by TDK over Dignitas, eliminated the former LCS team from the Promotion tournament and ultimately knocked them out of the LCS Summer Split.

The later game, starting after the Renegades v TDK match, sees the top Challenger seed Apex face off against Team Impulse.

The winner of both games will guarantee themselves a spot in the LCS Summer split, whilst the losers will face each other tomorrow to see who will grab the last LCS spot.


DAY TWO LIVE BLOG (refreshes automatically):




Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:05 pm

Here we go then, Day 2 is about to start.

The first game of the day involves Renegades (Blue side start) and Team Dragon Knights (Red side start).

TDK, who won yesterday against Team Dignitas, will be hoping to carry on the momentum gained but will have to overcome a resurgent Renegades, who won 5 of their last 7 games in the LCS.

Picks and bans to come shortly.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:13 pm

Picks and Bans

Renegade Bans: Poppy, Azir, Janna.

TDK Bans: Lulu, Graves, Kindred.

Renegade Picks: Jayce (Top), Gragas (Jungle), Ekko (Mid), Corki (ADC), Morgana (Support)

TDK Picks: Ryze (Top), Elise (Jungle), Karma (Mid), Lucian (ADC), Alistar (Support)

Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:14 pm

Here we go, the game is underway.

Renegades are on the blue side, TDK on the red side.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:17 pm


Renegades jungler Crumbz on Gragas misses his bodyslam on Gromp, so then has to flash back over the wall to smite it.

Twitch chat goes wild. Casters are slightly confused.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:19 pm



CrumbZ kills Kez in TDK’s jungle.

Nobody will remember that early mistake anymore, will they? No, they definitely will.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:19 pm



CrumbZ kills Kez in TDK’s jungle.

Nobody will remember that early mistake anymore, will they? No, they definitely will.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:25 pm


Crumbz and Seraph bait Kez into a fight in top lane. Ninja and his Ekko secure the kill onto Kez.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:26 pm


Flarez who is on Ryze this game in the top lane, get caught out in the top lane by Crumbz and Seraph, A 4-0 lead now for Renegades. An impressive performance.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:27 pm


Now Ninja in the midlane, playing Ekko, 1v1’s Alex ich’s Karma. Things going from bad to worse for TDK.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:29 pm


Crumbz is everywhere this game, him and Ninja catch Karma again. Kez responds with a gank bot on Renegades ADC Freeze.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:32 pm


And breath…what a hectic start to the game. A super impressive early game by Renegades – who continue to carry on their form that saw them winning 5 of their last 7 games in the LCS. Renegades have already taken all of TDK’s tier 2 towers.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:33 pm

The stats at the 20 minute mark

Renegades: 6 Towers, 37K gold, 6 kills, 1 Dragon.
TDK: 2 Towers, 28.7K gold, 1 kill, 0 Dragons.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:35 pm


The fast paced early game has slowed down in the last couple of minutes. Renegades take their 2nd dragon of the game without contest.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:39 pm


Ninja solos Flarez in the bottom lane and distracts TDK’s bottom lane whilst his team takes Baron. Renegades will look to push in and win here.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:41 pm


A desperate and failed engage by TDK inside their base allows Renegades to clean up and win game one.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:45 pm

Game one recap

Renegades looked unstoppable in Game one. It’ll be interesting to see what TDK bans out in our next game. Surely the Ekko must be a priority ban?
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:49 pm

Game one stats

Renegades: 11 towers, 55.3K gold, 10 kills, 1 baron.
TDK: 2 Towers, 39.9K gold, 3 kills, 0 dragons, 0 barons.
Game length – 27:20
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:51 pm

Game 2’s pick and bans to come shortly.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:54 pm


TDK switching it up before Game. Bischu comes in to support, replacing Trance.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20167:58 pm

Game 2 – Bans

Renegade Bans: Poppy, Elise, Ekko.
TDK Bans: Lulu, Graves, Jayce.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:01 pm

Game 2 – Picks

Renegades: Ryze (Top), Kindred (Jungle), Azir (Mid), Cait (ADC), Brand (Support)
TDK: Gragas (Top), Zac (Jungle), Velkoz (Mid), Lucian (ADC), Alistar (Support)
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:04 pm

Game 2 now underway

An interesting pick and ban phase. Renegades team comp worked so well – yet they banned out the Ekko that punished TDK. Then, with Nidalee still unbanned, TDK take Zac in the jungle instead. TDK obviously looked to counter pick every champion in the ban phase.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:08 pm


Uneventful start so far. Renegades take down TDK’s top turret, TDK take Renegades bottom turret.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:10 pm


FIRST BLOOD – Seraph’s Ryze gets first blood thanks to a gank by Crumbz. Early advantage for Renegades.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:13 pm


Crumbz and Seraph combine again to take out Flaresz, whose now 0/2/0 on this Gragas. Seraph is now 20 CS and a kill up in his top lane matchup on the late scaling Ryze.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:15 pm


Ninja takes down Alex ich in the midlane with help from Seraph. Kez’s Zac uneffective so far, and this looks far too similar to Game one. Renegades running away with Game two as it stands. They have a 2k gold lead.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:17 pm


Kez finally makes his first move on Zac, but it results in a Seraph kill on Alex ich under the mid lane turret.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:21 pm
14MIN – 15MIN
An overextension by Seraph sees both him and Freeze being picked off by TDK, gifting them a way back into this game. Crumbz responds with 2 kills of his own, but then Bard goes down for Renegades. Hectic stuff.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:23 pm


TDK and Renegades trade kills under TDK’s mid tier 2 turret.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:25 pm

Renegades: 2 Dragons, 3 Towers, 37.1k gold, 7 kills.

TDK: 0 Dragons, 2 Towers, 3
3.5k gold, 6 kills.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:27 pm


Freeze gets exploded under TDK’s 2nd tier bottom turret as the 2 teams group. TDK 3k gold behind but looking dangerous. 7-7 on kills now.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:28 pm


Solo kill for Seraph on Flaresz. Flaresz now 0/5.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:29 pm


A massive fight in mid lane. Crumbz gets caught out but Renegades collapse – Ninja assasinates Alex ich on Velkoz and it results in Renegades winning the teamfight. Renegades now have a 10K gold lead.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:31 pm


Baron secured by Crumbz and Renegades. They’ll recall and surely push for the win here.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:34 pm


TDK have to do something as Renegades continue to knock at the door of their base. They do, and it’s just not enough. Alex ich gets an early kill, but the follow-up power is just not enough for TDK. Renegades push through and take the inhibitors.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:36 pm

Renegades are now just one win away from making it back into the LCS. The top lane jungle synergy from Crumbz and Seraph is just too much for TDK.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:41 pm

TDK have to dust themselves off heading into Game 3. They look completely devoid of any sort of confidence gained from their impressive 3-0 win over Dignitas yesterday. Picks and bans will be with us shortly.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:47 pm

Flaresz, who was certainly on tilt last game has been substituted for RF Legendary in the top lane.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:54 pm

Game 3 – Bans

TDK : Graves, Ryze, Azir
Renegades: Poppy, Bard, Kennen
Joe Michallat April 7, 20168:59 pm

Game 3 – Picks

TDK: Maokai (Top), Kindred (Jungler), Lissandra (MID), Cait (ADC), Janna (Support)

Renegades: Ekko (Top) , Reksai (Jungle), Diana (MID), Corki (ADC), Lulu (Support)
Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:00 pm

Game 3 Start

TDK actually come out in top in the champion select going into Game 3. They’ve picked Maokai and Lissandra, a combination that saw them beat Dignitas yesterday.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:09 pm


Ninja picks up first blood onto Alex ich and Crumbz manages to clean up. Ninja comes back to lane from dying, along with Alex ich, and Crumbz targets the lane again. Resulting in an immediate death for Ninja. Fast start for TDK.
Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:12 pm

10MIN – Update

These are the stats 10 minutes into the game. It’s been a good start by TDK.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:18 pm


An overextension by RF Legendary sees Seraph take the kill with help from Crumbz.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:21 pm


A fight explodes in the midlane. RF Legendary goes down early – they take a dragon and take back control of this game.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:23 pm


The sub that TDK made hasn’t worked out for them. RF Legendary again finds himself dead. The Seraph and Crumbz combo has been unstoppable – either of them are the MVP’s of this series if Renegades go on to win.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:25 pm


Here’s your 25minute update. Renegades have a 5k gold lead.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:32 pm


FIGHTS EXPLODE EVERYWHERE! TDK catch 2 Renegade members bot in Ninja and Crumbz and try push baron. They’re halted by 3 Renegade members, but manage to kill Seraph. A minute later they have a chance to do baron…

Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:34 pm


NO! TDK do not complete the Baron. They walk away and then go back to a Baron dance – it’s the wrong decision. Ninja continues to push bottom lane and the rest of Renegades clean up at Baron.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:36 pm


Renegades have done it. They’ve qualified for the LCS Summer Split with a commanding 3-0 against a TDK team that couldn’t handle the combination of Crumbz and Seraph.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:39 pm

Renegades 3 – 0 TDK

Crumbz and the rest of the Renegades team put in a hell of a performance in this series – but I’d have to give the MVP to Seraph. He put impressive numbers in all 3 games – forcing TDK to make a substitution in Game 3.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:42 pm

Alex ich and TDK will face the loser of TIP v Apex for a chance to make it into the LCS tomorrow.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:50 pm

TIP vs Apex

And this game starts in less than a minutes time. The winner of this will guarantee themselves a spot in the LCS Summer Split. The loser will face Alex ich and TDK tomorrow.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:55 pm

Game 1

As we approach the pick and bans, lets look at the starting lineup for each team. First, the Challenger team, Apex.

Joe Michallat April 7, 20169:57 pm

Game 1

Now their opponent, and LCS team, TIP.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201610:01 pm

Game 1: Picks and Bans

Here we go, Game 1 of Apex vs TIP is now underway. Here are your picks and bans.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201610:07 pm


Quick reactionary play by TiP sees them take an early 3 kill start over #1 Challenger seed Team Apex. Bright start by the LCS team.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201610:11 pm


The game has slowed down since the early 3 kills. Here’s an update at 10mins as TiP take dragon.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201610:14 pm


As soon as I say that, a fight erupts in mid lane. TiP’s Lulu is caught out by Apex but the rest of the team collapses. Each team loses a member in a scrappy skirmish.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201610:18 pm


TiP controlling this game. They take mid lane, catch out Keane’s Graves and then take Dragon. TiP looking strong. Procxin now on a rampage.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201610:25 pm


Slow and methodical for TiP, they’re starving Apex of gold income. Here is the stats at the moment.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201610:27 pm

TiP secure baron. 3 members get over the back of the Baron pit and slay the Baron. Apex had no vision and certainly wasn’t expecting that. The Baron buff causes turrets to fall all over the map in TiP’s favour.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201610:30 pm


Dragon 4 taken for TiP. They continue to pick off members of Apex and are now closing in on the inhibitor towers. This game is close to being over, Apex do not have an answer.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201610:38 pm


TiP finally end the game after toying with Apex for the last 5 minutes, securing Baron and Dragon 5 in the process. A statement of a performance by TiP – a landslide victory.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201610:44 pm

Game 2 – Apex vs TiP

Can Apex bounce back from that Game 1 defeat? Picks and bans coming shortly.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201610:49 pm

Game 2 – Apex vs TiP

Apex will be hoping TiP’s Procxin will not have as much success in Game 2 as he did in Game 1, going 9/1/5 as Kindred.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201610:56 pm

Game 2 – Picks and Bans

Joe Michallat April 7, 201611:03 pm
A slow start for both teams here. CS is rather even across the board too. Apex will be happy with this following last games defeat.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201611:07 pm


Finally, some action. A gank bot lane by MVP of last game, Procxin, catches out Police’s Kalista. TiP then take dragon afterwards. Advantage TiP – but the game is still rather even.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201611:15 pm


Apex take dragon…but then nearly get aced in the ensuing team fight! Disaster for Apex, after what looked like a very calm and controlled start.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201611:17 pm


That dragon team fight was huge for TiP, and they now hold a 3k gold lead at the 20-minute mark.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201611:21 pm


A scruffy 1-0 team fight in favour for TiP in the mid lane sees them take their 2nd dragon of the game and extend their gold lead to nearly 4K.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201611:28 pm


After catching out Xpecial, TiP force Baron. Eve, who tries to steal the baron, jumps in far too early and dies. TiP grab the Baron, ace Apex, and take the win to lead the series 2-0.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201611:30 pm

Game 2 – TiP up 2-0 in the series

Procxin yet again goes huge in the jungle, going 8/0/6 on Graves. TiP need to win one more game to solidify their place in the LCS Summer Split.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201611:41 pm

Game 3 – Substitution

Apex make a substitution. Shrimp comes in for Eve in the jungle.Can he help Apex towards a reverse sweep?

Joe Michallat April 7, 201611:49 pm

Game 3 – Picks and Bans

Joe Michallat April 7, 201611:52 pm


Apex’s fans and the League of Legends community still believing the #1 Challenger team, Apex, can pull off a reverse sweep here.

Joe Michallat April 7, 201611:59 pm


A fight commences top when Apex 4 man tower dive Mash and Gate. The dive works, with substitute Shrimp taking first blood. The tide turns though when Procxin and the remaining TiP members collapse on Apex, resulting in 3 kills for the team on the verge of returning to the LCS.

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:02 am

If at first you don’t succeed? Try and try again. Apex again focus the top lane and this time they reap the rewards, securing 2 kills.

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:04 am


This is Apex’s best performance, by far. They’re no longer reactionary and are dictating the tempo of this game. They again focus the Ekko in the top lane, securing a kill and a tower.

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:06 am


Feng’s being bullied this game. Apex yet again target the Ekko and succeed.

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:11 am


A huge fight erupts in the mid lane. The fight saw both teams trade 4v4, although TiP were able to take the middle tier 2 tower.

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:14 am


Apex get caught out in mid lane, and that could potentially cost them the game and the series. TiP kill 3 of Apex’s members and push on to grab Baron. Game changing.

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:17 am


The final throw of the dice for Apex, they have to do something now…and they do! Cris catches out TiP’s Lulu and the rest of the team runs havoc on a Baron buffed TiP. TiP lose 3 members, Apex lost nobody.

Apex aren’t down and out just yet.

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:20 am


Yet another huge team fight for Apex! TiP keep on splitting in these fights and Apex take full advantage of this. They take 3 kills and push on to take down the bot tier 2 tower. Apex now have a gold lead and momentum on their side.

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:22 am

34MIN – Baron

Apex continuing to punish TiP now, and this game looks like it could be coming towards an end real soon.

Apex secure the baron, 2 inhibs, and are now up 5K.

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:26 am


Apex secure an amazing victory in Game 3 to keep their LCS dreams alive. Keanes Twisted fate and Shrimp, who was subbed in for this game, were major factors in Apex winning this game.

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:42 am

Game 4 – Picks and Bans

Keane picks up Jarvan for the mid lane – this should be an exciting game! Can Apex take us to a game 5?

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:48 am


5 minutes into Game 4, and you can tell both teams are nervous to make a mistake. Nothing’s happened yet and CS in all lanes are quite close.

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:54 am


A fight finally breaks out. Cris overextends in lane and is caught in a 2 v 1 situation. Keane teleports to his safety and Cris manages to get first blood on Fang. Procxain responds with a kill onto Keane.

Joe Michallat April 8, 201612:56 am


Fights happen all over the map, and they all are in Apex’s favour! Police manages to earn himself a triple kill after a skirmish in TiP’s red side jungle – and Cris solo kills Feng in the top lane. Advantage Apex.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20161:01 am


Apex continue to apply pressure over the map and a fight breaks out between Baron and mid. The fight looks to be going in Apex’s favour, but the chokehold in which Apex are fighting in is a place where Azir and his soldiers excells. Pirean picks up a quadrakill. The pentakill was on, but Mash stole it. Scumbag Mash.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20161:05 am


With TiP in the lead, Apex bait baron. Instead of waiting it out and calling Apex’s bluff, TiP try to contest it – huge mistake. Apex collapse on the Azir that was such a huge factor in the last team fight and take 3 kills to tie the game up on gold.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20161:08 am


TiP catch 2 members of Apex and take Dragon. Police has…one of those moments – trying to assasinate Procxin and fails – surely gifting TiP baron. Game changer?

Joe Michallat April 8, 20161:10 am


Yep, TiP take Baron. They’ll look to use this to their advantage and they’ll be many seizes and team fights I predict in the next couple of minutes.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20161:11 am

TiP closing in here. They take tower and an inhib before recalling. They’ve gained 6,138 gold from that Baron.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20161:14 am


TiP use their gold lead to push in and take the win. TiP will be rejoining the LCS for the Summer Split.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20161:15 am

Joe Michallat April 8, 20161:18 am

NA Promotion Tournament – Day 3

Keane’s Jarven pick didn’t pay off for Apex, but they looked good in their series against TiP. The loss means that they’ll face TDK tomorrow, at 19:00 GMT. The winner of that game will join Renegades and TiP in the LCS in the Summer Split.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20161:18 am

Thanks for joining me for NA Promotion tournament Day 2, and i’ll see you tomorrow for another great game!