NA LCS Promotions: Day 3 LIVE BLOG

Welcome to Day Three of the North American Promotion Tournament for the League of Legends Championship Series.  As usual, I’ll be bringing you play-by-play of the tournament’s matches.  The live blog should auto refresh right before your eyes, but feel free to refresh the page yourself for the latest updates.

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The tournament, held at LCS Studios in Los Angeles, California, consists of the 3 lowest placed LCS teams and the 2 highest placed Challenger teams throughout the Spring Split. The 5 teams will battle it out to gain entry to the LCS Summer Split.


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Courtesy Riot Games

-Bracket determined by seeding


Day 1 April 6 Match A (Team Dignitas vs. Team Dragon Knights) TDK WIN
Day 2 April 7 Match B (Renegades vs Team Dragon Knights) REN WIN
Day 2 April 7 Match C (Team Impulse vs. Apex) TIP WIN
Day 3 April 8 Match D (Match 2 loser vs. Match 3 loser) TBD


Day Three – TDK v Apex

Apex and Team Dragon Knights will battle it out to see who takes the last remaining spot in the LCS Summer Split. TDK are coming off a 3-0 whitewash by a resurgent Renegades and Apex lost 3-1 to Team Impulse yesterday. Apex, who are the #1 Challenger seed team coming into this promotion tournament, are pre-match favourites at 1/2 – TDK are valued at 6/4.

Odds as advertised by SkyBet.
Odds as advertised by SkyBet.




Joe Michallat April 8, 20166:46 pm

TDK vs Apex

Hello, and welcome to the TDK vs Apex live text commentary! In less than 20 minutes time we’ll see the start of Day 3. Which one of these teams will win and cement their place in the LCS Summer split? Tweet me @eSportsMichy with your predictions.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:03 pm

TDK vs Apex

A look at how the tournament has progressed so far.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:08 pm

Game 1

Here we go then, picks and bans underway. The last time these two faced each other, a couple of weeks ago at the Challenger Spring Split finals, Apex came out 3-1 winners. Mental advantage?

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:14 pm

Game 1 – Picks and Bans

Here we go then, game one has started!

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:21 pm

Game 1 – Pause

Game one is yet to get underway due to Cris accidentaly picking the wrong masteries. He isn’t allowed to change them though, and the game gets back underway.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:24 pm


Early dragon for TDK.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:28 pm


A good early game start by TDK sees them match Apex’s tower kills whilst also being able to secure both Rift herald and Dragon. Early gold gained.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:30 pm


Here’s your 10 minute update. Both teams posture around dragon.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:31 pm


Apex secure both rift herald and dragon.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:33 pm


Both teams push 2nd tier towers. Apex keep on pushing though and the rift herald buff helps them take down TDK’s inhib tower down to half health at just 12 minutes!

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:35 pm


14mins in and TDK still have a gold lead, mainly down to OHQ’s Kalista out-farming Police by nearly 40 CS.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:37 pm

TDK secure their 2nd dragon.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:41 pm


Here’s your 20 minute update – still not kills just yet…I promise it’ll pick up very soon.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:44 pm


See! Would i ever lie to you? Cris catches OHQ in Apex’s red side jungle – but he doesn’t have enough damage to delete him. The rest of TDK turns on Cris and deletes him for first blood. TDK pick up another before retreating to prepare for the Dragon that’s up in 20 seconds.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:46 pm


This game is hitting its stride now! The two teams eye each up around dragon and TDK makes the first move. Flaresz teleports behind Apex and TDK reacts quick to pick up a kill – they get low though, and Keane is able to ult Bischu to balance out the kills in this fight.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:50 pm


A huge fight in top lane sees Apex pick up 3 kills, only losing their Ryze! Kez and Ohq get really low too and are unable to stop Apex securing Baron. Huge.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:54 pm


Keane is huge right now on Graves. TDK looked to have succesful defended their 2nd bottom tier turret after Kalista ults Braum into the Apex team – but Keane does tons of damage and is deceptively tanky too! Apex turn the fight around, take the tower, and will regroup for another push.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:56 pm


Wait a minute, are TDK back in this? TDK catch out Shrimp wandering about in their red side jungle, and then push on to pick up another 2 kills! Keane does take their top inhib turret in the process though. Baron coming up in 1minute time!

Joe Michallat April 8, 20167:58 pm


Fight! Apex pick up 2 kills in the mid lane – Keanes Graves yet again proving to be too much to deal with – they need to shut him down to stand a chance! Apex grab dragon.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:01 pm


Both teams dance around the baron pit – but look at the bottom left hand corner, minions are taking TDK’s inhib! TDK get too low from taking baron and recall to just about save their inhib.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:03 pm


Apex’s Police grabs 2 huge kills on TDK – they go back, kill baron, and Keane kills OHQ! Apex push up mid and destroy TDK’s inhib. Is this game over?

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:06 pm


Apex use baron buff to push in and take game one. What a game that was after a slow slow start!

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:08 pm

Game 1 – APEX WIN

The Graves and Sivir were huge for Apex – here’s a look at everyones stats during that game.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:13 pm

Game 2 up next

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:20 pm

Game 2 – Substitute
Trance subbed in for Bischu at Support.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:28 pm

Game 2 – Pick and bans

TDK steal away the Graves that Keane used to great effect last game. Will this see them win Game 2?

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:29 pm

Game 2 – Pick and bans

TDK steal away the Graves that Keane used to great effect last game. Will this see them win Game 2?

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:31 pm


First blood goes over to Cris and Apex. Flaresz a little too over-aggressive.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:35 pm


TDK waste an age down bot, comical stuff! They fail to get anything from it as Xpecial snuffs them out.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:38 pm


A chaotic fight in mid sees Xpecial finish off Alex ich. Apex push to take mid turret and dragon.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:42 pm


Ohq misses an Ashe arrow down mid on Keane. Xpecial sees this as a chance to engage on 3 members of TDK in the mid lane – a massive misjudgement. TDK explode him and the teams back off. 1-0 for TDK that fight.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:46 pm


A huge pillar by Xpecial stops Alex ich in his tracks! A team fight ensues and TDK start to retreat – trance gets caught and goes down. Apex then take dragon. Apex in control here.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:48 pm


We saw this yesterday when Apex faced TiP – the Twisted fate is causing all sorts of problems for the opposition. Keane ults into top lane and Apex are able to pick up a kill onto Trance and Alex ich.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:51 pm


An ace for TDK! That fight was everywhere! Alex ich catches off Shrimp off to the side – he goes down – but then Cris catches OHQ round the back of the team. Flaresz was doing work throughout the fight, taking down Police. Game on.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:53 pm


Baron for Apex! A fight down near Dragon sees Apex secure 3 kills onto TDK. They secure Baron, the 3rd of the day. TDK throw away that comeback.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20168:56 pm


Apex and TDK fight again! Apex win the fight comfortably and push on to win. TDK now need to reverse sweep Apex to make it into the LCS Summer split.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:01 pm

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:10 pm
Game 3
We’re back underway in Game 3! Apex looking for a win to cement their place in the LCS Summer split.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:15 pm

Game 3 – Pick and bans

Here we go, game 3 is underway!

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:17 pm


A quick early gank by Kez catches Apex off-guard. Kez secures the kill onto Xpecial. Good start for TDK.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:19 pm


Shrimp continues to play well for Apex. Him and Cris tower dive Flaresz’s Maokai under the turret. Ekko, who was already far ahead, now gets a kill to his name. Flaresz also misses out on tons of CS.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:21 pm

The Azir slide by Alex ich is beautiful. He Azir shuffles over, ults Keane into Kez, and they are able to grab the kill. An eventful start for both sides.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:23 pm


Shrimp thinks he’s killed Alex ich after a gold card stun by Keane…but no! Kez ults and saves his team mate. Beautiful play.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:25 pm


A tower dive top sees both OHQ and Trance going down. Apex now take the gold lead.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:27 pm


Kez catches out Xpecial and is now 3/0 on Kindred.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:30 pm


Police and Xpecial take down Alex ich. The rest of Apex push on to take down 2 mid towers. This is starting to look like an Apex victory…

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:32 pm


TDK are caught overextending top lane. Apex, on their way back from taking 2 towers mid, collapse in on the top lane and find Kez and Ohq. Getting out of hand now.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:35 pm


Apex take Rift herald but are extremely low whilst doing so. Keane gets picked off, but Cris teleports to a ward, with homeguards, and is able to get a double kill! Apex will recall then focus on this mid inhib.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:39 pm


A fight occurs as TDK try and push Apex’s mid tower. A flash gold card from Keane onto Kez causes TDK to retreat. Trance gets picked off first, then a teleport by Keane catches 4 members of TDK. Only a matter of time before this is over.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:41 pm


Oh. My. Word. Cris. Cris has had a godlike game on Ekko. A 4 man stun allows his team mates to pick up Baron with ease. He then picks off Flaresz.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:45 pm


Cris teleports behind TDK, who were trying to catch Keane. It results in an ace and Apex are your winners! 3-0 series win sees them qualify for the NA LCS Summer split.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:46 pm


Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:47 pm


Shrimp and Cris were huge in that game – it’ll be hard to pick an MVP for this series – both played brilliantly.

Joe Michallat April 8, 20169:55 pm

And that’s it from me and the NA Promotion Tournament. Renegades, TiP and Apex will all be in the NA LCS Summer Split.

It’s heartache for TDK and Dignitas though, who will have to compete in the NA Challenger Series.
Join me again tomorrow, where the LCS Semi-Finals will take place! I’ll see you then.