League of Legends – NA LCS Finals Preview

El Clásico of MOBA eSports:  Team Solomid versus Counter Logic Gaming.  The pair of titans will meet this weekend in the North American League of Legends Championship Series Spring Finals.  The two teams will play in front of an audience in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 17th at 3pm EST, and fans at home can watch the battle live on Twitch.

In last weekend’s semifinal match, Counter Logic Gaming took 4th seed Team Liquid all the way to five games.  The LCS Summer Split Champions lost Games 1 and 4, but CLG clutched up in Game 5 to win the set, and move on to the finals.

TSM, who had the hardest route to the final, had to face the 17-1 Immortals. They whitewashed the leaders in impressive style, winning 3-0 and shutting down MVP of the Spring Split, Kim “Reignover” Ui-jin.  The star-studded TSM roster will hope to ride the momentum gained from these playoffs, now going 6 games unbeaten.

What to Watch

CLG will hope to have the same kind of success in the Pick and Bans that they saw in their semifinal games against Team Liquid.  Darshan was able to get his hands on Ekko in Games two and three, and that ultimately lead to his opponent’s demise.

As for TSM, their strategy is fairly straightforward:


Third Place Match

Team Liquid and Immortals will play in Saturday’s  3rd place match (20:00 GMT).   Liquid, who had a dramatic loss to CLG, will be looking to take advantage of an Immortals side who were embarrassed by TSM.


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