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It’s Spring Split Finals weekend in the EU League of Legends Championship Series, and Origen and G2 Esports are battling it out today for first place in the league and the 90 Championship points that come with it.  The teams are playing in front of a live audience Immortals at the Mandalay Bay Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas.

Semi Final Matches:

Origen v H2K

G2 Esports v Fnatic

Origen v G2 Esports
Stream: Riot Games

Both teams looked strong in their semi final matches, with Origen outlasting H2K in team fights and G2 Esports showing their fantastic team composition to take down Fnatic.  Today should be a good (and possibly long) series between the two European sides.

I’ll be with you throughout the match providing live updates.  You can join in the discussion by tweeting with the hashtag #ESSLCS during the match.  I’ll post some of the wittiest observations and the dankest memes here in the live blog.

LIVE BLOG (refreshes automatically)

Joe Michallat April 17, 20162:43 pm

Hello and welcome to the EULCS Final between Origen and G2 Esports.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20162:46 pm

FNATIC and their ‘new Gods’ couldn’t win the finals this split, but maybe their ‘old Gods’ can? xPeke and sOAZ look to carry on their winning tradition.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20162:51 pm


In fact, 3 out of the 5 members of the old and historic Fnatic have a chance at winning their retrospective Split Finals today. sOAZ and xPeke for Origen, YellowStar for TSM.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20162:57 pm

Game 1 – UP NEXT

Game 1 will be commencing shortly, who is your pick to win? Tweet me @eSportsMichy or use the hashtag esslcs – Look forward to hearing from you.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:04 pm

Game 1 – UP NEXT

And we’re underway at the AHOY Arena in Rotterdam! Here is what they are competing for, along with a spot at MSI and the Championship points.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:06 pm

Here is how the EULCS Spring Playoff bracket looks

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:07 pm

Here is the Championship Points so far. Fnatic, with their win over H2K yesterday, secure their 50 points. Origen and G2 Esports will get 70 or 90 points today depending on who wins.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:11 pm

Game 1 – Build up

The announcer suggests xPeke will be the sub, at least for the first game. PowerOfEvil will hold down that mid spot.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:13 pm

The EULCS Spring Split MVP is Trick, jungler for G2 Esports.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:15 pm

Well played on your award, Trick.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:19 pm

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:26 pm

Hybrid was the MVP of the series in the Semi-Final against Fnatic. He’s in his home country of Holland today and will be looking to put in another good performance.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:28 pm

Game One – Pick and Bans

Pick and bans are underway in Game One!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:32 pm

Game One

The Picks and Bans are in and Game One is underway. Lets go!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:36 pm


Standard lanes so far. Here are the Keystone Masteries for each team.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:38 pm


Slight CS lead for both Zven and sOAZ for Origen sees them 0.3K gold in front.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:40 pm


Oh no! Perkz goes in on PowerOfEvil with the assistance of Trick, but the MVP of the Spring Split goes far too deep for the kill and gets killed under turret! First blood for Origen and PowerOfEvil

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:42 pm


G2 Esports responds with a 3 man dive on PowerOfEvil and Trick picks up the kill.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:43 pm


sOAZ and Amazing tower dive Kikis in the top lane. Tower dives everywhere!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:45 pm


A 5 man tower dive sees sOAZ go down! G2 take Rift Herald and then get 2 turrets. They do lose mid and will lose bot though.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:47 pm


G2 secure the first dragon of the game.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:50 pm


Oh thats huge, game changing. Origen are happy to have a quiet early game – but G2 force things bottom. Hybrid perform a great Braum ult and things kick off from there. G2 are able to pick off sOAZ, Amazing and Mithy and then have the resources to pick off Zven after. 4-0 win for them.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:51 pm


And another kill for G2 and Trick! The MVP of the Spring Split is showing up big in Game One, apart from that failed turret dive to give up first blood.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:53 pm


And now the Rookie of the Split is showing up for G2! Perkz deletes Sven right before sOAZ’s eyes and is able to get away. Amazing. G2 then take baron. This looks over.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:53 pm

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:56 pm


G2 take down the first inhib turret of the game. Only a matter of time now.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20163:59 pm


G2 have a 10k gold lead at the moment. Origen champions now starting to hit their power spikes but its far too late – they need to prioritise early game in Game 2 pick and bans. G2 are just too fast and strong early and it allows Trick and Perkz to dominate.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:02 pm


G2 take the turret and the inhibitor – but they stay too long. They take out members of Origen but then get taken down too low on the way out. sOAZ comes from the top side and is able to catch out multiple members. Origen are then able to secure Baron! A way back?

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:03 pm


Baron for Origen.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:09 pm

34MIN – G2 WIN

G2 wait out the baron buff that was gained by Origen. They move in methodically this time, taking down the inhibitor. Perkz manages to grab a double kill and the rest of the team are able to push in and the game. G2 win.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:18 pm

Game 2 – UP NEXT

Can Origen bounce back? Game 2 will be with us shortly.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:21 pm

Game 2 – UP NEXT

Amazing: “We’re supposed to be the best team in Europe, it’s about defending our pride”

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:23 pm

Game 2 – Pick and Bans

Origen make an adaptation in Game 2 – they ban out Perkz’s LeBlanc.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:27 pm

Game 2 – Picks and Bans

Game 2 is underway!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:28 pm


Standard lane matchups again.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:31 pm


These bot lane duos keep on trading and the junglers join in too. Everyone goes low but no deaths at the moment. Zven has a CS lead over Emperor.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:33 pm


Bot lane is losing, mid lane is losing, but Kikis secures first blood for G2 onto sOAZ!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:35 pm


Origen target down Kikis and get the kill. Good roam by PowerOfEvil.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:37 pm


A scuffle between OG and G2 sees each side barely touch each other. Nobody goes down but TF used his ult to get to that fight.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:40 pm


G2 takes the first dragon of the game.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:41 pm


G2 collapse on their bot lane turret and take out the duo of Mithy and Zven! Trick does go down though.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:42 pm


Origen take down Perkz in the mid lane!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:44 pm


Origen now take out Perkz and Kikis in the top lane – fights are happening everywhere after a slow start!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:45 pm


sOAZ takes down Emperor in the bot lane now. G2 are performing sloppy here!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:46 pm


Origen take out 3 members near baron and are able to take out the inhibitor turret at 18-minutes.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:48 pm


Perkz and G2 think they’ve caught out sOAZ and Mithy…but G2 have a split focus – they’re all focusing different people! They can’t kill either of them and the rest of Origen are able to collapse and pick up the kills.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:49 pm


Origen take dragon. They now have a 4K gold lead.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:51 pm


Origen take down their 6th turret of the game as they continue to pile pressure onto G2.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:54 pm


Origen take down baron right in front of G2’s noses, they can’t do anything about it.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:57 pm


A huge shockwave by PowerOfEvil allows Origen to push into G2’s base and take down inhibitors.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20164:58 pm


G2 are able to pick up a couple of kills as Origen try to leave G2’s base.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:00 pm


33 seconds on baron, G2 need to do something to get anything from this game. Will they try and contest Baron?

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:03 pm


Perkz uses his TF ultimate to try and catch out Origen…but its not effective, again! Mithy keeps on cancelling it out with his Thresh hooks and flays and Perkz gets deleted. Origen are able to push up mid and win.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:03 pm


Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:12 pm

Game 3 – UP NEXT

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:19 pm

Game 3 – Picks and Bans

Picks and bans are underway!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:21 pm

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:26 pm


First blood for Origen as Amazing catches out Hybrid on an early gank.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:28 pm


Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:30 pm


Perkz is able to 1v1 PowerOfEvil mid as the OG mid laner doesn’t have exhaust – meanwhile in the top lane Emperor and Trick chase down sOAZ.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:31 pm


PowerOfEvil chases after Perkz who is extremely low but the rest of G2 are able to collapse and kill him!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:32 pm


PowerOfEvil goes down again to Perkz! Luckily for him the rest of his team is able to collapse and Amazing is able to pick up a kill back onto Perkz.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:34 pm


G2 roam bot and are able to pick off Zven and Amazing. They get the turret afterwards too.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:38 pm
G2 push mid with their Rift Herald buff and are able to take tower. Kikis also slays PowerOfEvil in the process. Kikis goes to Origens red buff after this and is caught out. Too greedy.
Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:38 pm


Perkz is able to delete Zven after that fight too!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:40 pm


G2 are able to dive sOAZ under turret after Hybrids Bard ult lands. Meanwhile, in the mid lane, Perkz is able to 1v1 Zven but goes down to the turret after.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:41 pm


G2 are able to secure Rift Herald and top tier 2 turret.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:45 pm


A huge fight in Origens red side jungle sees Origen take down 3 members of G2! They rush up to baron but Trick is able to dash over the wall and secure it with smite, wow!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:47 pm


That baron steal has given G2 a nice gold lead. They’re now 8K up.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:50 pm


Perkz is caught out around Origens blue buff but somehow manages to take out Zven before dying. The teams trade back and fourth in damage until Emperor shows up for G2 and swings it in their favour. A 2-1 win in favour of G2.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:50 pm


G2 take Baron.
Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:54 pm
30MIN – G2 WIN
Perkz is able to take out Zven in the top lane, again! Meanwhile, in the bot lane, a Bard ult catches out PowerOfEvil and he’s dropped. G2 push in for the win.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20165:56 pm
Game 3 – UP NEXT

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:01 pm

Game 3 – SUB

xPeke gets subbed in for PowerOfEvil. Can he stop Perkz?

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:08 pm

Game 4 – Pick and Bans

Pick and bans have started. First pick Sivir for OG.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:11 pm

Game 4 – Pick and Bans

The picks and bans are in. xPeke gets Lissandra and Perkz finds himself on Zed, again.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:14 pm


Keystone Masteries for each team. Standard lanes again.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:17 pm


5 minute update here. CS even in all lanes. We’ll end up seeing fights when these two in mid-lane hit level 6.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:19 pm


First blood for xPeke and Origen! The double cc from Origen manages to lock down Perkz.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:20 pm


A fight erupts top lane and everyone from both teams goes low. Perkz tries to roam up but is caught by Amazing and xPeke again! 2-0.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:22 pm


Amazing and xPeke gank the top lane and pick up 3 kills! Beautiful execution by Origen.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:24 pm


A roam towards top sees G2 catch Zven and Mithy – Kikis getting the double kill. Meanwhile, in mid-lane, Amazing and xPeke take down Perkz yet again! 0/3/0 for Perkz now.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:26 pm


Amazing is everywhere this game on Elise! He goes bot and is able to pick up a kill on Kikis, with the help of sOAZ.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:27 pm


Amazing and xPeke are joint at the hip this game and their crowd control is devastating! They roam bottom and are able to lock up Kikis, with sOAZ getting the kill.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:28 pm


Origen grab themselves Rift Herald.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:32 pm


OG catch out trick due to a beautiful ult by sOAZ. xPeke then goes under a turret and catches out Emperor. G2 respond well though through Perkz, picking up a kill.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:35 pm


Origen take their second dragon of the game.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:38 pm


Trick and G2 catch out Mithy and sOAZ whilst Perkz and xPeke fight it out in the top lane.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:41 pm


OG and G2 posture around baron and then the fight commences as Trick and Amazing trade blows. Kikis teleports in but sOAZ cancels his! It’s a 4v5 in this fight and Perkz manages to pick off xPeke.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:42 pm


Emperor grabs baron! OG are able to pick up 2 kills and a turret though as G2 run for their lives.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:45 pm


G2 are pressuring OG with baron here. They take the mid tier 2 turret and the gold lead has closed to 0.5k, basically nothing. This game is anyones.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:47 pm


Baron in 1min. Whoever gets that will surely push on to end the game?

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:50 pm


Origen start up baron…and TRICK STEALS IT AGAIN! Each team trades 3-3 in the ensuing fight. How huge is that baron steal?

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:53 pm


G2 do it! G2 win! Perkz picks off xPeke in the mid lane and lands the death mark…xPeke hits Zhonyas though and it looks like he’ll be safe…but he does it too early! Death mark pops him! G2 push on to win Game 4 and take the EULCS Spring Split throne! Well played.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:55 pm

Joe Michallat April 17, 20166:56 pm


Joe Michallat April 17, 20167:06 pm


Trick, who picked up MVP of the Spring Split, picks up the Series MVP. He was amazing for G2 Esports and had 2 baron steals!

Joe Michallat April 17, 20167:08 pm

So this is how the Spring Split season ends. G2 Esports pick up the 90 points, Origen picks up the 70 points.

Joe Michallat April 17, 20167:11 pm

G2 will go the Mid Season Invitational which takes place in Shanghai, China which commences on May 4th.