Crown Invitational Final RESULTS

The Crown Invitational in Melbourne, Australia is the chance to watch the top teams from each region in the Call of Duty World League, and a share of  AU$60,000.


Day 1 was an all Australian affair competitively, with international heavyweights OpTic Gaming and Millenium making only show match appearances for the crowd.  Of the four teams competing, Chiefs eSports Club and Orbit made it to the big event on Sunday (local time).

Meanwhile, some controversy as many of the fans watching at home have been voicing their disappointment about important matches being played off stream (for example, MF v Orbit was on stream, while Tainted Minds v Chiefs wass being played off stream). Today ESL responded in a post on Reddit.

Day One Recap

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   OG 4
   PLT.tM 4
   PLT.tM 0
   Chiefs 3
   OG  4
   Mill  1
   Mill 4
   MF 4
   MF 0
   Orbit ANZ 0

Congrats to your winners, OpTic Gaming!  They take home AU$30,000!  Smiles all around.

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