BREAKING: TK’s Goonjar Blocked from US Entry

UPDATE 5: It’s been a very strange day.  TK have been told they can use a player who hasn’t played in the league or challenge division, and lo and behold- both Nadeshot and MBoze are in California at the same time.  Nadeshot appears to have been asked first, but he is working as an analyst this weekend for the CoD Playoffs.  The captain of the now-defunct OpTic Nation, MBoze, was in town with many other OpTic members to cheer on the pro team, and he agreed to play with TK.


UPDATE 4: TK has a glimmer of hope.  They have been told they can use a non-league sub.

UPDATE 3:  Goonjar tweets that he has been denied entry again.  He was told he needed a P1 visa to compete in the tournament, despite having traveled to the US for the past three years to compete.  It looks like TK are forfeiting their match, and KingPapey gets into the CWL without having played their last two matches.

UPDATE 2: League Operations manager Small just tweeted that the schedule has been changed to help tK.  They will now play last.


UPDATE: Goonjar tweeted to a follower that he has a flight scheduled for tomorrow (Friday).   If he is unsuccessful getting through customs again, TK would be forced to forfeit or play 3v4.



KingPapey already forfeited one qualifier match and ended up facing Team Kaliber, and now they could be in a situation that could result in a forfeit, and send them straight to the Call of Duty World League.

According to a video from Sharp, and tweets from other Team Kaliber teammates, Canadian citizen Goonjar has been blocked from entering the United States.  The details surrounding his stop at customs are somewhat unclear.  Typically if a person declares at customs that they are going into another country to earn money there, they may be asked for a work visa, so that could have been the hold up.

Currently the league is stating Team Kaliber cannot use a sub.

TK supporters have been using the hashtag #LetTKPlay to voice their displeasure on Twitter.

Watch the video from Sharp: