Luminosity Gaming Picks Up Popular SMITE Team

When North American fan favorite Cloud9 began dropping players after falling in the semi-finals to Championship winning Epsilon, and then parted ways with their organization, fans were left stunned by the myriad of changes.  Now,

The team is made up of three 2015 SMITE World Champions and a strong 4th in TheBoosh, formerly of COGnitive Red and TSM.  With Luminosity Gaming backing the squad, the team has another very strong organization with a devoted fan base and good name recognition behind them.  For their part, LG is getting a team with a built in fanbase around two of the most popular SMITE players in the world, BaRRaCCuDDa and JeffHindla.

“Luminosity has quickly risen as one of the top organizations in eSports with successful teams in multiple games and a dedicated fan base.  We hope to bring the same level of dedication and success to the brand.  We can’t wait to get started with SPL beginning in a few days. “


The Team:

Andrew “Andinster” Woodward – Jungler  ( Twitch | Twitter )
John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Salter – Hunter  ( Twitch | Twitter )
Rosario “JeffHindla” Vilardi – Guardian  ( Twitch | Twitter )
Nicholas “TheBoosh” Lewis – Mid  ( Twitch | Twitter )
Evan “Snoopy” Jones – Solo  ( Twitch | Twitter )


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