EU Call of Duty Stage 1 Finals Results

After a long season of online play in the Call of Duty World League, the top six teams in Europe gathered in Cologne, Germany for a rare LAN competition to win a share of $200,000.

We’ll be following the action all weekend long in this live blog style post.  Refresh it for updated scores!

Final Results

Splyce 1 – 4 Millenium

Splyce’s Joshh started off very hot on Stronghold Hardpoint, seemingly neutralizing Jurd at every available opportunity and then managing to hold and rotate well.  However, Splyce couldn’t keep up the performance and when Jurd saw an opening- he took it.  He turned in a slay heavy performance to turn the tide for Millenium.  They claim the first map, 250-225.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 2.09.39 PM copy
From the live broadcast on Splyce look loose and confident compared with Millenium’s solemn focus.

Up next, Hunted S&D and while Millenium go up 2-1, Splyce quickly answer back.  All tied up at 3-3, it looked like Splyce could possibly make another comeback like we’ve seen all weekend, but Millenium shut down that plan thanks to some fine strategic teamwork.  Millenium go up 2-0 in the series with their 6-3 win.

Uplink now, and it was expected Millenium would take this handily after their destruction of Team Infused on this gametype, but Splyce played for picks.  They went for 1 point throws and just chipped away at Millenium, and ended up taking the map 3-2.  This much needed map win keeps Splyce alive in the match and prevents the 4-0 sweep by Millenium.

Millenium bounced back with with a CTF win.  Now to S&D… The teams traded rounds, and it eventually went to Round 11.  Millenium take the win, and they are back on top of the EU scene.

In the post tournament interview, MadCat told OJ the trophy meant nothing to him, his team were the best in the world, and they only cared about being world champs.

We shall see in the Fall.

Congrats to Millenium for the 4-1 win!


Semifinal Results (Sunday)

Splyce 4 – 3 Team Infused

Yesterday Splyce were the Comeback Kings, and today they are the Clutch Kings, as they managed to stay composed in tough situations.  Splyce drew first blood by taking the Hardpoint, and continued in fine form by taking the higher seeded team to 11 rounds of Search and Destroy and eventually winning the map.  Team Infused won three straight maps to make it 3-2, but Splyce clutched up and won the second HP map to level at 3-3.

A few fine players over the years have said, “S and D wins championships” and Splyce could be an example of this, as this makes the second time in this tournament that they have stayed calm and outplayed their opponents in the final Search map.

 Epsilon eSports 0 – 4 Millenium

Millenium have been touted as the team to beat in Europe in Black Ops III, and today Epsilon tried their best to take them down.  Millenium took the Hardpoint, and though Epsilon had some fine plays on Redwood S&D (even an ace from Reedy), Millenium came from behind to win the map 6-5.

Millenium romped to a 18-2 victory in Uplink, thoroughly beating Epsilon, and were just one map away from their place in the final.  Millenium looked very solid in CTF, and took the first 4-0 of the LAN.


Quarterfinal Results (Saturday)

Splyce 4 – 3 exceL eSports 

Splyce are truly the comeback kings, as they managed to come from behind on the first Search map to level the series at 1-1, and then in the 7th and final map, they pulled off another massive comeback.  They were down 1-4, and managed to pull things back to 5-5.

Then this happened:

Epsilon eSports 4 – 1 TCM Gaming

TCM started the match all smiles with a win on Hardpoint, but Epsilon quickly regained composure and took the next three maps handily.   Epsilon went down early in the final Search and Destroy, but came back quickly to close out the match with a 4-1 victory.



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