EGL Open Final Placements

Over the weekend, EGL hosted a Call of Duty World League Challenge event in the form of the EGL Open $25,000 tournament in London, UK.  This is the EU region’s first big-money tournament, with the previous two online Challenge events featuring $5,000 USD prize pools.

Once again, the amateur teams struggled against the pros, with only Twitter favorites Rampage Tempo placing inside the Top 8.  Tempo is a squad comprised of veteran PS4 community Call of Duty players who began making moves in the wider competitive scene when the official eSports league became sponsored by Sony and Activision.  The team was recently picked up by the Rampage organization as they attempt Call of Duty World Championship qualification and League qualifiers.

In the end, Team Infused came back from an 0-2 deficit in the final against Epsilon eSports and won the best of five series 3-2.

If the placings look a little odd after looking at the bracket, it’s because the EGL Open rules required a placement game to be played between the 5th and 8th place teams and the 9th and 16th to determine Call of Duty World League point distribution.   TCM Gaming and exceL eSports forfeited their placement games in a mutual agreement, meaning Exertus and Rampage Tempo both took home higher placements and 100 points more than they would have if they had been beaten by either of the Call of Duty World League pro teams.  The 9th-16th teams were not offered a forfeit, and thus did not have the chance to get additional points.


EGL Open Final Placements


Team Infused ($10,000/2500pts)


Epsilon eSports ($5,000/1500pts)


 Millenium ($2,500/1100pts)


 Splyce ($2,500/900pts)


Exertus eSports ($1,250/800pts)

Rampage Tempo ($1,250/800pts)


exceL eSports ($1,250/700pts)

TCM Gaming ($1,250/700pts)

Link to Full Bracket

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