UMG Carolina Challenger Update

UMG Carolina is the first confirmed CoD World League Challenger event.  The tournament has undergone some reformatting to comply with its status as a Challenger event.

Changes are as follows (from

Open Bracket: Double elimination, separate tournament from the CWL team tournament.  The top 8 Open Bracket teams win cash prizes, and the top 4 teams will move on to compete in the CWL Champion Tournament.

Open Bracket Prize Pool Break Down:
1st – $12,000

2nd – $6,000

3rd – $4,500

4th – $3,000

5th – $1,800

6th – $1,200

7th – $900

8th – $600

CWL Champion Tournament:

This even now begins on Saturday, after the Open Bracket has completed.  16 teams will compete in a single elimination format.  Teams that are already in the Call of Duty World League will be seeded according to their standings in the League.

CWL Champion Bracket Prizes:
1st – $28,000

2nd – $14,000

3rd – $7,000

4th – $7,000

5th – $3,500

6th – $3,500

7th – $3,500

8th – $3,500

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