Watch New Call of Duty Black Ops III: Awakening Trailer, Double XP Weekend Coming Up

One thing the Call of Duty franchise has done well is producing entertaining game trailers.  The just-released trailer for the new Black Ops III expansion “Awakening” lives up to past standards by not only embracing crazy- but running away with it.

The video introduces us to “The Replacer” played by the excellent and intense-eyed Peter Stormare of Fargo and Prison Break fame.  The idea (a theme we last saw in the other Black Ops game ads) is that The Replacer is around to live your life while you play Call of Duty.  Thus we see him taking on the role of Marshawn Lynch, a boyfriend meeting off-kilter parents, a slinky supermodel, and even a parent giving “the talk” to his son in a very ahem, modern way.

As for the game itself, “Awakening” features four new multiplayer maps and one Zombies map.  At least one of the DLC multiplayer maps is sure to be included in the competitive mapset, so here is a look at the four new stages (click the titles for gameplay previews of each map):

Splash: It appears to be set in an abandoned water park, thus the colorful scenery and the many water slides.  Features underwater combat.

Gauntlet: A military training yard featuring snow, jungle, and urban environments.

Rise:  Developers call this one a “classic” Call of Duty map, set in a construction facility.  Features cover to cover combat.

Skyjacked: A remake of the Black Ops II Hijacked map.  Relies heavily on the wall running mechanics of the exo suit.

The DLC release date is February 2nd only on Playstation platforms.  Xbox and PC players will get to play at a later date.

Meanwhile, The Replacer may be needed sooner than expected: it’s a double XP weekend for Black Ops III multiplayer and zombies.  Double XP goes into effect on Friday the 29th of January at 1pm EST.